What are Outreach Links and How to Get Them?

Outreach Links

SEO is a layered strategy for having your website or certain pages of it rank as high as possible on search engines, primarily Google. While there are a ton of factors that influence your ranking, outreach SEO is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. If done right, outreach SEO which is based on getting quality outreach links can be insanely beneficial for your entire SEO strategy. But, if you ignore it or do it the wrong way, all your other efforts may be in vain.

With 93% online experience starting with a search engine query, you understand why this improving g your SEO is super important. So, what are outreach links, and how to get them? We’ll answer those questions, and more, in our outreach SEO guide below.

What are Outreach Links?

Let’s begin by defining outreach links and helping you understand them better.

Outreach links are links outside your website that link to your website and help you increase your visibility. They are also called backlinks since they guide people back to your website and the landing pages you aim at having them visit.

Typically, outreach links have the goal of reaching a wide target audience, and helping you achieve your marketing goals. The important thing is that your links are ethically built, meaning you’ve earned them and they’ll bring value to your audience. Otherwise, Google will recognize and penalize the so-called toxic links that are trying to manipulate them.

What Makes a Great Outreach Link?

As you’ve realized by now, building quality outreach links are important. You don’t want to have a bunch of low-quality backlinks just for the sake of it. Instead, focus on getting great outreach links.

Here’s a checklist for an outreach link that will truly make a difference for you and help reach your marketing goals:

  • it comes from a credible, authoritative site
  • the site is related to your business and shares a similar target audience
  • the content of the site is useful to your readers and vice versa
  • it is aligned with your general marketing strategies and goals

Simply put, outreach link-building is something you need to approach carefully and with a lot of attention to detail. From choosing the right website, studying its content, and thinking about it from your audience’s perspective – it all needs to fit together.

What are the Benefits of Outreach Links?

You are probably reading all this and thinking – why go through so much trouble? Are outreach links worth it?

The answer is yes!

Outreach links can empower your entire SEO strategy and help you rank higher than you thought was possible. So, what are the specific benefits you’re bound to experience?

Boosting organic traffic

Having more organic traffic to your website is potentially one of the hardest tasks when it comes to SEO and online marketing. But, outreach links are designed to help you do exactly that. Your organic ranking will be improved with all the new visitors coming to your website.

Expanding your audience

The website that publishes your link is automatically notifying its entire audience about your website. If the content you share through the link matches their interests and needs, you’re likely to expand your audience significantly.

Improving your credibility

If a credible, authoritative website publishes your link and thus tells people it’s a good idea to visit it, your credibility is improving as well. People don’t like visiting suspicious websites they’ve never heard of. But, this way, you’re being shown trust and people will be more likely to pay your website a visit.

Standing out from unethical links

There’s another indirect benefit of having high-quality outreach links pointing to your website. Google will set them apart from the sea of unethical ones that are being penalized. That way, you’re standing out from your competition even more than before and showing both Google and your target audience you’re a trustworthy professional.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s time to finally learn how to get those powerful outreach links to your website.

How to Get Outreach Links?

Getting outreach links means finding websites, businesses, and individuals who will be willing to publish your link. To do so, you need to approach them carefully, with a presentation of why they should accept publishing your link.

There are several steps you should cover to ensure the process of getting outreach links runs smoothly.

Analyze and understand the target market

First things first, you need to have a clear idea of which target market you’re aiming at, and what specifics you need to consider. That means that you must learn as much as possible about the publishing websites you’re trying to win over. That includes their target audience and their interests, habits, and problems. It also includes the type of content they publish and what their audience likes to consume.

Once you understand this, it will help you make a better offer to the publishers.

Create truly valuable content

No publisher is going to want to link to your website unless the content you’re offering is truly valuable. That means it needs to meet certain criteria. That includes using highly credible sources of information, being neatly and logically organized, offering a solution to a problem, or including valuable data and statistics.

Fluff content or content that’s been seen a lot before isn’t going to get you the outreach links you need.

Create infographics

Infographics have been increasingly popular over the past years and receiving a lot of attention if done properly. Infographics present data, findings, and information visually, helping the readers understand and perceive them better. Creating useful infographics might get you the attention you need and help you get more quality backlinks.

Offer to write a guest post

Guest blogging is another great way to get outreach links. Most of the websites that you guest blog for will allow for one link back to your website. This is a great opportunity to both get the outreach link you want and present yourself to a whole new audience.

Nail your presentation

The outreach competition is fierce, and everyone wants to be portrayed on the best and most credible websites. But, there’s no room for everyone so you’ll need to fight for your piece of the cake.

To get the publisher’s attention, you need to build a strong and convincing case. That means showing them you did your research, and you know who they are, what they publish, and who their audience is. You need to let them know your content is aligned with theirs and that the two of you are compatible with giving and receiving outreach links.

Final Thoughts

Link building is fundamental for strong SEO and an unmistakable online presence. Getting them means doing all the hard work that will help you attract publishers and get them to like your content.

The tips we’ve shared above will help you build your credibility and get more outreach links to your website. Once you do so, your organic traffic and overall brand awareness will skyrocket.


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