Want to be a permanent guest author on our website to share your expertise with our audience? You will be glad to know that we are now accepting guest posts at Search Engine Cage. Our SEO blog focus on providing Digital Marketing tips for our audience. You can submit a guest post today. We give you an opportunity to write for us as a guest writer. You can become a full-time contributor on our website.

Are you ready to be a full-time contributor?

If you are an expert or a freelance writer in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Digital Marketing field and you can provide valuable tips, actionable advice, a case study, the latest trends of the industry, different opinions with strong & valid reasons we welcome you to become a contributor on our website.

Guest Post Guidelines

Before sending your email please read all guidelines thoroughly. By doing this you can understand what kind of high-quality content we are interested to publish on our website.


  • This is the most important parameter to evaluate whether your content will be published on Search Engine Cage or not.
  • Your content must be exclusive, informative, and relevant to the SEO and Digital Marketing niche.
  • Make your content fairly readable so our readers can understand it without getting confused with technical jargon.
  • We don’t publish promotional content.
  • For promotional content, you must contact us to discuss sponsored post opportunities.

Author Bio or Profile

author bio example

You must be a real person who is responsible for providing the content. Create your profile with your real name, author bio, social media accounts, and headshot. If you are signing up with Gravatar email your headshot will automatically be fetched from your account. It must be look like as shown in the above image.

External Links or Outbound Links

  • Links are one of the main pillars of every website and it is an SEO ranking factor so keep in mind that don’t ignore Google’s link scheme documentation.
  • You must cite every source that you think is relevant to your content and be aware don’t link to untrustworthy sources because we reserve the right to remove it or add a Nofollow attribute to that link.
  • You have to include at least one internal link to one of our blog posts if you would like you can add more than one internal link (recommended) to our blog posts.
  • All relevant and trusted links are natural (follow) links on our site.
  • We don’t allow promotional and keyword-rich anchor text as a link.
  • Links to product or service pages are not allowed.
  • We allow one link in the author bio for your website, you can also provide social media links too.
  • We reserve the right to remove any link without any notice.
  • Once content is published on our site and indexed on Google we don’t remove it from our website.

Content Syndication

  • We are not allowing to publish syndicated content on our website because they are most likely use for content manipulation.


  • Only provide images if they are necessary and you have the right to use the images. Avoid stock photos.
  • But we prefer to use custom images as you can see in our posts. You can create images/infographics by using canva.com and share them with us.

Blog Post Length

  • Article/Blog length depends on you but keeps in mind it is between 1500 to 2000 words.
  • No fluff, please.

Topics That We Mostly Covered

SEO and Digital Marketing is so broad but the following topics we are also interested to publish on our website:

How to create your account and submit your post

  • Click on the button below to create your account.
  • Add your username, email and click on register to create your new account.
Register your account for guest post submission
  • You will recieve an email whcih includes your username a link to set your password.
  • Set your password (use strong or medium password strength)
create strong password
  • Add your first and last name.
fill your first name and last name
  • Add your author bio and use Gravatar to show your image.
  • Click here to learn how to create Gravatar to show your headshot.
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  • Add your social media profiles, like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc.
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  • Select add new from post menu and submit your post for approval.
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  • We will publish your post if it meets your editorial guidelines.

How to find guest posting websites?

The best ways are to use search operators to refine web searches in order to find the best possible results.

You can use the following to explore websites that provide article posting opportunities.

Note: Some people are still using the + operator to refine the search but Google removed the + exact match operator from search.

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