Website Loading Speed: Importance & Factors That Limits It

Website Loading Speed

The thing that matters a lot is your business website speed. Fast-loading websites give a better user experience, higher results in search engine pages, and the best user engagement. The most important fact about fast loading speed is that it gives higher conversions to get higher revenue.

Mobile traffic will be affected due to slow websites

If your main target customers are coming from mobile phones then the speed of your website becomes the most important factor. Your website based on the best WordPress themes should get loaded within 2 seconds to get all users coming from mobile devices.

What do you mean by optimal website speed?

You will get more conversion rate on your website if you try to get improve your website speed and get it loaded within 1 second, but it would be found if you managed the website at least to get loaded within 3 seconds.

Suppose, your website is taking more than 10 seconds to get loaded then you have a higher chance of losing your revenue.

The most important factors that limit the speed of your websites

You will have to check some statistics to know the importance of the fast loading speed of your mobile website

  • 90% of users prefer to access the internet on their handheld devices i.e. smartphones, and tablets.
  • 74% of mobile websites get abandoned because it does not load within 5 seconds.
  • Google will place rank the websites on the top of results pages by considering the website speed.
  • Most smartphone visitors will never come back to your website if it does not get loads within 3 seconds.
  • It has been found that more than 75% of internet users will never come back to your website if your website takes more than 4 seconds.

To survive in the web world it is very important to have a fast-loading website. A slow website will have a short lifespan.

The most important factors are not using CDN, using images of large-sized, and overloaded & inefficient hosting. Therefore it is very important to focus on these factors as they limited the speed of your website based on the best WordPress themes.

Unoptimized images/Large sized images

The loading time actually depends on the total load on the server.

The high-resolution images or large-sized images take more than 10 times longer to get loaded as compared to the normal images. And thus it is the main reason for slow down page rendering.

To speed up the website, it is very essential to optimize the images

Images play an important role in the website. Images with the best quality make your website more impressive and attractive. Therefore your first priority should be to optimize the images.

You can make use of GTmetrix to know how your website is performing.

After this, you can make use of photo editing software. This will remove all unwanted whitespaces.

By doing some adjustments, the page speed score should be improved

To enhance speed and efficiency you can perform some of the following tasks:

Step 1:

For web-based quality, it is important to compress all images. You can integrate the “page speed ” plugin to compress the images efficiently.

Step 2:

To prevent server lag modify the compressed images

Step 3:

To store the cached variants of static resources, you need to use browser caching. This will reduce the server lag and improve page speed.

Step 4:

In CSS sprites all images should be combined. A CSS sprite is actually a large image that is made of a number of smaller images. For example, to speed up your website you can combine 10 images into one single CSS Sprite.

1. Limit the total number of images

In comparison to the text content, the graphics or images utilize much space and takes time to get loaded. By considering this fact you should always restrict the use of such images. But make sure you are doing this properly because images are very crucial factors for boosting your website performance and appearance.

2. Content Delivery Network

CDN minimizes the physical distance between users and servers. This is very helpful as it helps users to view high-quality content from all over the world without slow loading times.

Internet service providers make use of CDNs for delivering dynamic and static web pages.

Advantages of using CDN

  • It prevents your website from crashing, while it is getting huge traffic.
  • It ultimately helps to enhance content availability.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Helps for a global reach
  • Minimize the load of the server
  • Saves a lot of money
  • Helps to get high conversion which also boosts sales.
  • To website owners, CDN provides offers the best security.

3. Overloaded and inefficient hosting

Your business website will slow down, because of overloaded and inefficient hosting. Your business website will get loaded within 1-2 seconds by ensuring you have chosen the best hosting company.

Your business and visitors both will suffer a lot if you have chosen the wrong hosting company Makes sure to consider a plan or a host which fulfills your website’s needs. For example, if you are choosing shared hosting for huge databases then your strategy will be going on the wrong way.

Some of the performance factors that should be considered are

  • Equipment
  • Server response time
  • Accounts per server
  • and more

Common evidence of overloaded hosting and inefficient hosting

  • Bad customer service
  • The business website takes much time to get a load
  • Website is more vulnerable to a security breach
  • Long downtime
  • Lose important data

How to check website speed

You can measure the improvements with different free tools. These tools will help you to make improvements and evaluate the current issues.

WebPage Test

WebPage Test is a free and open-source tool that was created by a Google Chrome engineer also named Patrick Meenan. using different browsers you can run the website tests.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is the tool offered by Google. Your web page’s performance will be monitored by these tools. This is for mobile devices and desktop.


The most common reasons are mentioned in this blog there are also so many factors that limit the website speed such as hot-linking, so many plugins, Best WordPress themes, widgets, etc.


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