The Ultimate Guide To Small Business SEO: 7 Must-know Tips

seo small business tips

Are you looking to optimize your small business? Obviously, you will be looking to consider SEO as your first option than any other aspect of your webpage. While running SEO techniques, it is essential to make sure it generates organic traffic. As responsible entrepreneurs, you have to incorporate only white-hat SEO techniques. Inorganic traffic or black-hat SEO techniques can yield quick results but will hamper with your brand image and loyalty. One of the best ways to optimize is to adapt on-page SEO techniques, and that is what we will be looking at today.

Get ready to double your traffic for here you will read tried and tested methods of on-page SEO techniques that are sure to boost your results. search engine optimization is crucial to rank on top, and on-page SEO or on-site SEO as it is commonly called is very helpful in getting this done.


When you optimize the content structure in your webpage, it is called on-page SEO. In simple terms, you have to make your website language search engine friendly. Which means, whatever your type or whatever content you create should be of the latest trend and should have the right amount of keywords. This will help the search engine crawl and understand that your page is worth ranking on top.


Now that you know what on-page SEO means let us dive deeper and know some simple yet effective on-page SEO techniques. You can apply these right now and see your website boost and eventually your customer base. Here’s a snapshot of these techniques:

  • Focus on high-quality content
  • Make sure you add meta descriptions
  • Optimize your content as a whole
  • Revamp your content structure
  • Images and multimedia content
  • Internal and External links
  • Mobile-friendly content

FOCUS ON HIGH-QUALITY CONTENTPublishing quality content should be your top priority. Remember, if your content is excellent, then you can very well survive even without a regular optimization activity. Quality content is one that is original, well-researched, and is created exclusively for your website and to serve the purpose of its existence. You cannot merely post content for the sake of it. Make sure it fruits your readers and help them solve their problems or get solutions to what they’re looking for. Which means you have to create useful content. Long articles are proven to have better visibility than shorter articles so invest some time in writing them.

MAKE SURE YOU ADD META DESCRIPTIONS – Optimizing your content title and meta descriptions is one way to adapt on-page SEO techniques quickly. This is a primary requirement as, when the search engine crawls your website, it is titles and meta descriptions that it will look for firstly. Doing this will give a picture of what your page is all about and if there are enough keywords to support it. As a tip, make sure your meta description has at least one ranking keyword.

OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT AS A WHOLE – Before hitting the publish button, make sure you have an optimized content. This means there are good aunts of keywords. There are so many tools that will help you research the right keywords for your niche. Invest your time in that research as this will be hugely beneficial. Related keywords or longtail keywords are said to boost your content and so use them in titles, descriptions, meta descriptions and headings.

REVAMP YOUR CONTENT STRUCTURE – No one would prefer a haphazardly placed content, and sure you would agree on this. For better user experience, your page should be user-friendly when it comes to reading. It should be structured properly. The title tag is what you have to start with. Following this you can use <h2>, <h3>, <h4> and so on. But some tips to remember is to make sure they are long and not one-word. Try and add keywords in the headings for better optimization.

IMAGES AND MULTIMEDIA CONTENT – Descriptive content is good, but with no colour, it would look no lesser than a black and white newspaper. Visuals attract readers than long texts with no pause or change. Images and multimedia boots up your presentation. They make your page more exciting and easier to read. Some of the best practices that you can incorporate are using original pictures, checking on the image size and optimizing it, and giving picture courtesy if you are borrowing it from another source.

INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL LINKS – Linking your content to other blogs on your website is a great way to develop and create more visibility for your website. Internally linking your website can divert your readers to other blogs that you have written and with good quality, you may end up landing a reader that might subscribe to your blog. On the other hand, external linking is also just as important. Add links to other high-ranking blogs this will help google crawl to your page through their pages, and by doing so, you are making Google understand more about your niche.

MOBILE-FRIENDLY CONTENT – Gone are the days of sitting with a computer at home and looking for information. People are moving to better devices like tablets and mobile devices. This means, more people are using these devices to do their product research. You have to consider this point and optimize your content such that it is readable easily on a mobile phone or a tab. This will help you gain more followers.

These are some of the most useful tips that you can use to create an on-page SEO technique rich content. Now that you know this, it is also helpful to have a checklist, on the whole, to see if you are heading in the right direction. Explore the below given local-SEO checklist to help you keep your work on track.

The Local SEO Checklist 2020 For Small Businesses

  • The first step you can do is to register your business in ‘Google My Business’. This will give you the advantage of better ranking when people are looking for a similar business locally. Also, register your business with the local directories or citation sites.
  • To have a social media handle is not an option but a necessity. Your customers are predominantly active on various social media handles, and that’s the best where you can find them. This is one of the most crucial local SEO checklists of any time.
  • Getting feedback and reviews are a great way to understand what your customers think about your product or services. Never shy away from negative comments. They form the backbone and are the best thing to help you develop your business.
  • SEO-friendly URLs not just help you rank better but also makes it reader-friendly. When it is easy to read, there are more chances that your viewers will remember that and share it within their circle.
  • Optimizing titles and meta description is a must to rank in the right way. Use longtail keywords to generate more traffic.
  • There are certain deep-dived SEO aspects that a company has to look for. This includes things like making sure the pages on your website are indexed, and that a proper site-map is submitted to Google. This nitty-gritty detailing will help in the long run.
  • Add backlinks frequently as this will improve your site visibility on the search engine.
  • Internal and external linking is also essential to develop your website. While internal linking creates more scope for your website, external links will help have comprehensive visibility on other pages.
  • Keywords are the core, and without a proper keyword, research or content that is not keyword-rich will not rank properly. This should be the 101 for local SEO checklist.


In simple words, SEO to business is what water is to plants. Without proper optimization, your website is sure to run dry with no views and eventually, no customers. Stay on top and always look out for the latest trends in the digital marketing world to keep your blog or website ahead of the crowd.


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