SEO Tools for Competing in Competitive Niches

SEO Tools for Competing in Competitive Niches

Is your business website online? Do you expect it to rank automatically on the top page of the Google search results for the targeted keyword? Think over!

Today the competition is extremely high, and reaching the top of the search engine requires great effort. Along with the strong SEO strategy, you also require to keep an eye on the higher-ranking websites of your competitors.

Here are the best tools for you that will help you analyze the SEO competition within a few minutes. Take a look.

Best SEO Tools for Competing in Competitive Niches

SEO is vital to understand the competition of the niche you are working in. You cannot simply get more backlinks and rank your website higher. SEO involves great hard work after a thorough analysis of the competitive niche. Only with the usage of the right approaches and tools will you be able to beat your rivals.

You don’t need to be an expert; the only thing you require is to learn the tools and start using them. Go through the below tools that will help you analyze and discover the secrets behind your competitor’s success.

  1. Aherfs

Ahrefs is the best tool that lets you identify your competitor’s keywords that are difficult to look up manually. If you are in a very competitive niche, like eCommerce, then it is a highly beneficial tool for you. You can use it easily to identify target keywords for a specific product.

You can use the filters to look for the keyword difficulty, search volume, and cost per click. The tool will give you a list of the longer-tail keywords that your competitors are using. Here you can also see country-specific keywords.

  1. Google Search Console

When you think of SEO, it is the best tool to use. From measuring your website’s traffic to its performance and fixing the issues, the tool provides complete detail to let you beat the competitors.

It is beneficial to look into the performance of your website and apply tactics to make it rank higher than others. But if you will look for the features to look into your competitor’s SEO analysis, it won’t prove beneficial.

  1. SE Ranking

In the online world, along with looking into your website ranking, it is more important to look into your competitor’s ranking. SE Ranking can help you do it. Not only can you look into the search engine ranking but also into the website rank in a particular region.

The tool provides you with detailed results of the website’s visibility and traffic. You can see here the details about the ten higher-ranking websites.

  1. Guest Post Tracker

A guest blog is also essential to fetch more traffic toward your business. Guest Post Tracker helps you in managing your campaigns and in finding more opportunities for guest posting. 

By using this tool, you will get a list of above 1500 sites that accept guest posts. You can narrow down the list as per your specifications with the in-built filters. 

Though guest posts involve contribution in fetching traffic, ensure you should not rely solely on guest posts for your success. 

  1. SEMrush

Counted among the best SEO monitoring tools, SEMRush offers a suitable dashboard that allows you to view your competitor’s metrics, your SEO campaign’s success, keyword analysis, and also to track backlinks.

You will also get access to the features that let you do website analysis. Use the tool to explore various other features that will help you improve your SEO tactics.

  1. Organic Research

The tool helps you to look into your rivals’ best SEO practices. You can come up with your own effective plan after learning about their content and organic keywords. Not only that, but you also get the benefit of looking into their SERP performance and domain rankings.

Use the tool wisely to get the best information that would be beneficial to improve your website traffic and conversion rate. It is the best tool powered by Semrush.

  1. InfiniGraph 

Watching social media trends is also essential. InfiniGraph helps you to look into these trends. You can see information like consumers’ interaction with the brands and which brand is popular, and also the powerful influencers. All the collected information can be used wisely to come up with a successful campaign. Track your competitor’s social media trends to get a better understanding of the target audience. 

  1. Backlink Analytics

Building backlinks is not an easy task. But it is no more challenging with Backlink Analytics. It streamlines your workflow by analyzing your track growth and backlink profile and helps you discover your backlinks more quickly than ever.

You can easily filter the reports to sort the backlink types and other related information to strengthen your SEO strategy. It is high time to start using this inbound links tool and improve your SEO ranking.

  1. Ontolo

Content marketing and backlink monitoring are equally important in SEO. Ontolo is the best tool that helps you determine good topics for writing content, enhance link-building strategies, and also lets you find the authors you need to reach. The tool helps you to filter out the not-so-useful links.

  1. Quantcast

What can be more beneficial than making strategies after looking into the audience’s insight? Quantcast helps you to understand your potential client’s interests and demographics and also analyze the conversion level. All this data will assist you in improving your campaigns and marketing plans. Also, ensure to compare the data with your competitors.

  1. SimilarWeb

Do you want to know how a particular website is attracting traffic? SimilarWeb can help you with it. You can see how the traffic is approaching from different channels along with the percentage like – search results, social media, etc.

The tool will help you to look for the keywords that bring most of the traffic. This, in turn, will assist you in figuring out which keywords should be on your priority

  1. Alexa

Earlier it was said that Alexa does not come up with accurate data. But now, this error is eliminated as Alexa has updated its ranking system and provides information about its competitors. The report will include the demographics and details about the competitor’s data.

Use the tool to track the global traffic of your competitors as well as yours. Use this data wisely to transform the information and use it to make yourself rank higher in the search results and attract more traffic.

Look into your competitor’s traffic, keywords, backlinks, etc. You will also get information about the competitor’s sites that are ranking higher, along with the set of keywords. Comparing similar websites of your niche and boosting your website ranking is the ultimate goal behind using this tool.


SEO is tricky, and you cannot get success overnight. It requires great effort, dedication, research, and immensely hard work. But with the usage of the right tools, you will look at your competitors more precisely. From figuring out their website popularity to how people are finding it, and their higher ranking keywords, you will get all the information.

Win the competition and take your business to new heights by utilizing the above-mentioned tools in a highly effective manner. Master the tools to boost your organic performance in no time.

We hope your business ranking will excel after using these tools!


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