SEO Content Writing Checklist For Better Ranking

SEO Content Writing Checklist
SEO Content Writing Checklist

Experienced bloggers and content writers have a knack for writing SEO content. If you have been in the digital marketing field you probably have a general idea of SEO and marketing content.

Obviously, you want to sell your products or services to potential customers out there. The only way you can do this is through SEO content. Because this type of content ranks your website to the top results.

Therefore, you can use utilize the enormous traffic potential out there. Since creating SEO  content is a hard nut to crack, we have given a key checklist you should consider.

What is SEO content?

Search engine optimization is the set of techniques you use to rank your website on the top pages. SEO content then becomes optimized content.

Putting it simply, it’s none other than the content you see as product descriptions, blog posts, social media brand posts, sales copies, and press releases.

SEO content checklist for your website:

Writing good content to engage your audience is necessary for SEO. Here is an article rewriter by small SEO tools for rewriting your articles it is beneficial for you in writing engaging content.

You do not have to be an SEO expert to know what SEO content writing is. Having a little know-how can be helpful to create wonderful content.

Being a blogger or a webmaster is a cool thing yet you have to burn the candle at both ends to reach the top level.

The given content optimization checklist can be very helpful for you to rank your website.

Create clingy titles and meta descriptions:

Bringing lots of traffic is an art. What if you have the best product in the town but you don’t know how to market it?

People won’t buy it for they don’t know you. Titles and meta descriptions do the same for your virtual presence.

It markets your content online by attracting desperate readers to quench their thirst for information and the needy to get the desired solutions.

Meta titles and meta descriptions have to be short to get displayed properly in search results. Titles should be 50-60 characters and descriptions should have a length of 150-170 characters.

So you got much less space to show your readers about yourself. Therefore make it worthy of getting clicks.

Another point not worth forgetting is the importance of keywords in your title and descriptions.

As both are written in HTML tags, and Google recognizes it in its ranking mechanism, so you need to add specific keywords to get your website rank easily.

Improve your content’s readability:

Readability matters a lot if we see through the readers’ point of view. You can understand the pain of reading hard text by putting yourself in the shoes of your readers.

You will soon sympathize with your readers and it also helps to avoid such hard-to-read content in the future.

Readability comprises of short sentence making and using easy words common to everyone.

You know your readers do not go the whole hog to read your content, rather they skim your text and divulge the main ideas out of it.

Therefore, if you want to keep them engaged, use small sentences describing a single idea.

Moreover, use the basic language because your readers may come from different backgrounds, ages, and qualifications.

Hitting the lowest common denominator helps you to cover all the audience.

Check your content grammar and correct any complex sentence as you are not going to write an academic essay.

Lastly use catchy words in the introduction to hit the nail in the head, thereby hooking your readers to stay on your webpage.

Create unique content free from plagiarism:

Do you know there are millions of blogs on the internet? Amid such a great number, creating unique content is no less than a Gordian knot.

Yet you have to develop a knack to keep plagiarism at bay. To outshine your competitors you must write the content of your own.

Bringing the thoughts of your own heart affects the readers’ attention, however, you need to research extensively to get new ideas.

If you do not about your content’s plagiarism, you can check it with a plagiarism checker. Finding your content’s plagiarism is necessary to keep your above board.

Since unique content is a Google ranking factor, it isn’t a piece of cake. Another factor that affects your content’s uniqueness is the way you express it.

Thus you need to have a strong grip on the language. It helps you sneak past Google’s penalty and get your content among the top results.

After completing your content, it is a good habit to check its plagiarism because most of the time you never know you are copying someone unconsciously.

Thus, to bring your content creation to justice, use a free online plagiarism checker to find the duplicate content along with the source from where you copied it.

Visualize your ideas with images and infographics:

Images turn the bland text into something interesting. It’s like a cog in the wheel, as without them your content wouldn’t get the best hits.

What makes a reader stay on your website? After an engaging introduction, it’s the images you add to your content.

We humans generally tend to stop by colorful scenes and images. That’s why if a reader decides to leave your website, he may change his mind to see what’s inside your content.

Therefore it’s a good SEO practice to create resourceful images and add them to your writing.

Do keyword analysis and find the relevant keywords:

Keywords are specific words that people use to search for specific things. Google has developed a criterion to find the best content. It is through the relevant keywords.

Google crawlers crawl the web and fetch your content’s keywords. If it contains a diverse range of keywords, it marks your writing as high-quality content.

The main keyword around which the content revolves is the primary keyword. On the other hand, the keywords that complement your content are secondary ones.

 These LSI keywords are not bound to be the same words rather you can use their synonyms. A well-written content enriched with the right amount of keywords is destined to bring sales.

 Moreover, Keyword research is the crown the throne of SEO content writing.

Final words:

Content optimization is necessary because without it you can’t imagine yourself among the top-ranked results.

Your whole marketing strategy end in smoke if you forget to implement SEO content writing tips. Therefore, we have given an SEO checklist to add in-depth SEO insights to your knowledge.

Apply them to your SEO strategy and you will see the difference. Lastly, tell us about your experience in the comment section.


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