Important Nuances of Email Newsletters to Re-attract Customers to Your Online Store

Email Newsletters to Re-attract Customers

The marketing newsletter serves as one of the promising tools for businesses to identify and nurture leads. At the same time, it is also an effective choice for bringing back your customers again to your offer. The growth of email marketing in recent years has obviously fuelled the popularity of email newsletters. Only a few years ago, newsletters were basically emails featuring snippets of the latest articles and insights about new offers. Interestingly, brands have evolved considerably and use visually appealing elements in their newsletters for garnering the attention of customers. The following post helps you figure out the nuances which can make your newsletters capable of attracting your customers again to your online store

The Necessity of Email Newsletters

The discovery of nuances to make email newsletters more attractive to the target audience is possible only after understanding the importance of email newsletters. You can find three reasons for establishing the significance of email newsletters. If you are a brand manager, then you must take a look at the following reasons for verifying the significance of newsletters. 

Direct Communication with Customers

The foremost highlight of an email newsletter is the opportunity for direct communication with existing and potential customers. Learn more about preparing for the digital world and using email newsletters. It can help you understand that users who have signed up for your newsletter are interested in your brand. Therefore, the newsletter gives a direct entry into the inbox of visitors and starts the journey of converting them to customers. 

Repeat Customers Are Always Welcome

Another reason for emphasizing the importance of email newsletters suggests that repeat customers are the major source of income. Customers are more likely to spend up to three times their first purchase. In addition, repeat customers account for 41% of the revenue of online stores. A good email newsletter can help your online store attract repeat customers and get you the desired results.

Convincing New Browsers

Web traffic is generally considered the foremost metric for the success of an online store. Internet users might visit your online store for checking the prices or learn about the store. Surprisingly, only 5% to 8% of the visitors are prepared to buy anything from your store right away. The email newsletter can help you follow up with the visitors and encourage them to come back to your online store.

How Do You Get Customers to Open the Email Newsletter?

The email newsletter is effective only if the customers open it. You might spend days or even months brainstorming about tactics to get your customers to open your newsletter. Now, it is important to note that you have to re-attract your existing customers with the newsletter. Therefore, you must note a few nuances which can make a huge difference. What are the best ways to increase the newsletter open rate for your business? Here are some of the important nuances you should look after to ensure a productive email newsletter.

Avoid the Spam Filters

Recent studies have pointed out that around 79% of email newsletters can make it successfully to the inboxes of subscribers. You would never want your email newsletter stuck in the spam filter. Therefore, you must ensure that the content in the newsletter is informative, inbox-compliant, and engaging. Some of the critical nuances for avoiding spam filters include creativity and uniqueness in the newsletter content with a dominant voice of the brand. Try writing emails with a fun and engaging conversational tone rather than a bland collection of links and data insights. 

Delivery Time

The list of important nuances you must take into account for re-attracting customers to your online store includes delivery time. Marketing professionals need to figure out the best instance of time in a week for delivering newsletters. One of the proven methods to identify the best day of the week to deliver newsletters would refer to newsletter blasts. For example, a bar would most likely have a better open rate for its newsletter on Friday. In addition, you need to look for the time of the delivery to ensure that repeat customer open and read the newsletters. The best delivery time for your newsletter would be in the early hours of the morning or after dinner. 

Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone around you uses a smartphone for different purposes. Generally, people use mobile devices for opening up around 46% of emails received on the phone. On the other hand, around 12% of email newsletter messages are found to have been optimized for mobile applications. Online stores are more likely to lose customers if the mobile website does not load easily. Therefore, you must check the mobile version of the newsletter message and verify whether it displays the desired messages clearly. Simple best practices such as checking the appearance of messages can create a massive impact on how customers view newsletters.

Video and Motion Graphics

The inclusion of graphic media in newsletters is also one of the important nuances which can improve their open rates. Technological advancements have made it possible to add videos to newsletters. The best thing about video and motion graphics is the way they capture the attention of the audience. In addition, the video presents an easier and more resourceful depiction of the intended content in the newsletter. Motion graphics such as animated files and gifs could help in reducing bandwidth usage alongside faster loading of the newsletter content. 

Are You Ready to Create a Productive Email Newsletter?

The simple nuances in an email newsletter can mark a huge impact on the marketing strategies of a brand. Email marketing companies such as Aweber can help you overcome the setbacks in designing and delivering email newsletters for marketing. This service can make your email campaigns more effective. You must browse through their services and check the type of support they offer for newsletter campaigns. As a direct channel of communication between brands and existing customers, newsletters can serve cost-effective performance in marketing online stores. Most important of all, the optimization of marketing and promotional newsletters with experts can ensure the desired results. Learn more about email marketing and use email newsletters to your advantage right now. 


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