7 Best SEO Tools For Keyword Research and SEO Audit in 2020

7 Best SEO Tools For Keyword Research and SEO Audit

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing skills, but some say it takes too long to become an expert. If you want to start a blog and make money with your online business, you need website traffic. And in order to get live traffic, you need to rate Google with specific keywords.

So whether you need to do keyword research, research your website, do competitive research, or just want to see how well you rank on Google, you should use one of the best SEO tools. However, the best option is to use SEO tools and understand your SEO to increase your rates at a lower monthly rate is to seek the help of expert lead generation companies.

Here are my options for the best SEO tools to increase your web traffic.

Growth Bar

Growth Bar is one of the easiest tools to use for SEO on the market. It enables users to see millions of keyword results, backlinks for your competition, Google ad data, and Facebook ads.
Growth Bar is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to cover all your SEO needs from the Google search engine (SERP) results page, for getting more results adopt lead generation companies. So it is fast with lightning and 100% accurate. If you can search with Google, you can use GrowthBar!

Key Features:

  • Organic Research – See millions of keyword suggestions and their competitive school.
  • Competitive Metrics – See top competitors, top backlinks, and export any metrics to CSV Excel.
  • Difficulty School – Understand how easy or difficult it is to rate a specific keyword using GrowthBar’s “difficulty rating”.
  • Word Count – A separate feature on GrowthBar allows you to easily see how many names a list of competitors has so you can organize your content to win the SERP.
  • You can check out GrowthBar for 5 days for free, before upgrading to paid subscriptions.


  • Instant lightening of advanced positions that reside directly in the SERP
  • Competitive research: understand your competition’s keywords, Google Ads keywords, backlinks, and Facebook ads
  • Get keyword counts and keyword suggestions to build your content strategy


SEMrush is an advanced competitor analysis tool that helps users to evaluate their competitors and their content. It provides solid metrics and allows users to find the best pages, content, and keywords.
SEMrush has successfully helped many website owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs to understand their competing SEO strategies for uses perfectly and should choose expert email marketing companies. This makes it one of the most popular SEO tools among small and medium-sized businesses.
The SEO tool provides excellent support for SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, backlinks, keyword research, SERP, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Organic Research – This feature allows users to see the top keywords used by their competitors, and to include domain changes.
  • Advertising Research – Helps you run better advertising campaigns by analyzing competitors’ advertising budgets. You can also customize your ad campaigns locally.
  • Product Listing Ads – SEMrush allows users to see Product Listing Ads with their competitors.
  • Traffic Analytics – SEMrush accurately tells us about internet performance and website traffic. It also helps you understand how to behave with the media who use SEMrush offers three paid programs.


  • Creating guest blogging strategies
  • Analyzing competitors’ strategies
  • Track past and current website rankings
  • Conducting SEO testing of technology and gage user experience
  • Finding good CPC marketing opportunities
  • Doing strong keyword research to make your content more relevant


Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO tools on the market. Not only is it the second fast web crawler (behind Google only) but it has the best user interface of all the tools on this list. It is mainly used for backlink testing, competition analysis, URL levels, keyword research, and more to gain more profit and hire email marketing companies. Like SEMrush, Ahrefs also provides organic search reports to analyze the traffic of competing sites. Users use the extracted data to build links, keyword research, SEO strategies, position tracking, and content marketing.
All of these impressive features make Ahrefs the most competitive SEO tool used by many SEO professionals and entrepreneurs around the world.

Key Features:

  • Amazing Keyword Tools – Ahrefs generates millions of keywords in one search query.
  • Support history – You can view the placement history of any keyword used on any page of your website.
  • Content Explorer – You can perform content searches within the Ahrefs database containing over 1 million web pages.
  • Monitor Outgoing Links – Ahrefs displays the report of outgoing links to the international explorer. This helps you keep track of where your visitors are posting.


  • Finding website development tips for more visibility and rankings
  • Get a clear report on backlinks analysis
  • Know the URL ratio
  • Obtain historical backlink data analysis
  • Creating a content strategy

Advanced Web Position.

Advanced web quality Advanced Web Ranking is a great SEO tool for groups looking to track a large volume of keywords. Its ability to track keywords at a hyper-specific level (including SERP features) and white label reporting make it ideal for agencies and internal groups.
This tool can track 3,000 search engines and over 170 countries, with support not only from Google but also from Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, etc. Advanced Web Ranking also conducts in-depth competitive analyzes that include metrics such as market share, estimated visits, new competitive advantages, and more if you adopt a CRM strategy.

Key Features:

  • A tool that has been around for a long time and has been around since 2002.
  • Provides location-specific SEO results for desktops and mobiles (country, city level, or GPS coordinates).
  • You can report in white letters, export them in PDF, or CSV, create permalinks, integrate with Data Studio, etc.
  • It can accommodate large volumes of keywords (which is great for agencies and large in-house groups).
  • The tool supports unlimited users with different rights (manager, team member) at no additional cost.


  • Doing keyword research.
  • Track large volumes of keywords.
  • Finding specific ratings for keywords at the local level.
  • Competitive details and understanding of SERP features.

Site exploration boat.

Sitechecker.pro is a great website explorer that provides in-depth SEO analysis to enable you to improve SEO for more benefit using CRM strategy. Simply enter the URL of your website and click Analyze. As soon as Sitechecker scans your website, you gain insight into traffic, backlinks, rates, and more.

Key Features:

  • Website Change Monitoring – Their ongoing website scans your website and provides details about the changes made and how they affect your SEO scores.
  • Page SEO Testing – Sitechecker scans your web pages and provides insight into issues that need to be addressed.
  • Website Traffic Test – You can view competing site traffic without restrictions.
  • Backlink Tracking – Notified whenever new links point to your site (or any
  • disappearance) to take action.
  • Levels Check – View your keyword levels (including local and cellular levels).


  • People who need a site test.
  • The follow-up to the competition.
  • Trace tracking and monitoring.
  • New and lost backlink tracking.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another very useful SEO tool that comes with an easy-to-use visual interface. With Authority Labs, you can easily set up multiple sites and improve your SEO campaigns. It also helps you find location-specific tracking to laser target your audience.
Users can also track SEO campaigns and strategies used by their competitors in the market.

Key Features:

  • Global Tracking – You can easily track local and international tracking of different countries and cities.
  • Keyword Identification – Active keyword identification with keyword research tools.
  • Daily Reporting – Get in-depth reports by checking daily rates to help you analyze your position.


  • Track competing domains
  • Tracking product quality on various sites
  • Comparing mobile level with desktop results
  • Provides in-depth reports to analyze the default reports in the reporting process


When it comes to SEO and digital marketing solutions, Serpstat is one store. From using your SEO to doing your own advertising and content campaigns, it helps you with everything. The Serpstat tool performs keyword research, competitor surveys, PPC analysis, and so on. The dashboard is smooth and easy to use to avoid difficulty.

Key Features:

  • Website Analysis – Serststat performs analysis by monitoring the domain and website URL. The analysis includes in-depth SEO and PPC research.
  • Keyword research – Keyword research includes group search, search suggestions, search volume, content marketing, and SERP analysis
  • Backlink Analysis – Collects complete data for backlinks that last two years and at the same time retains the backlink strategies of your competitors.
  • Site Search – Cleanses your website, HTML, page speed, and never lets you miss any potential errors.


  • Searches for keyword variations and collects foreign data
  • Checking the relevance of different web pages
  • Tracking universal search results


Using the top SEO tools can bring the best results and quickly improve your search engine rankings. When choosing a tool, make sure to look into the exact features you need (and cost) before making a final decision.


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