5 Ways 3D Configurator Software Can Skyrocket Sales of Your eCommerce Store

3D Configurator Software for Ecommerce Store

A 3D configurator software is a rising, yet interactive software that allows customers to experience products in a unique 3D way. They can view a product from different angles, and customize the product in their way by changing colors, sizes, components, textures, materials, and much more.

In addition to that, customers can choose different customization options and visualize the transformation instantly, even if you don’t have those products already in the inventory. In other words, 3D configuration software supercharges the eCommerce sector through immersive and realistic visualization. But it does not just offer the ability to see a product in various colors and styles—it provides dynamic pricing for each chosen configuration.

Advantages of Using 3D Configuration in Your eCommerce Store

Using 3D configuration software not just offers benefits to the customers, but it offers several advantages to eCommerce store owners as well.

Here are the 5 ways 3D configuration software can help your eCommerce store skyrocket:

1. Improves Conversion Rates and Overall Sales

3D configurator software is easy to use which makes it easier for your customers to adapt and feel like design experts by helping them feel more confident about their product. This results in increased overall sales and higher conversion rates.

Companies that use the 3D configurator software report an average of 38% increase in sales conversion rates. Additionally, the average order value also increases for those customers who use 3D configuration while ordering.

Why? Because people are willing to pay more for a personalized product. There is some 3D configurator software that allows customers to connect their data with CPQ software. Once connected, then the CPQ software will provide a personalized pricing quote to the customer based on this information.

IKEA’s sales product configurator is a good example of it. On their website, customers can customize their orders like design, materials, and sizes, and only place orders for the pieces they need. This 3D configuration process has become highly important for IKEA to keep providing a better shopping experience to their customers. It helps make customers feel like they are in proper control of the product and the sales process. The more control customers will have, the more likely they’ll complete sales.

2. Keep You Ahead of Competition

A product configurator also puts you ahead of your competitors by offering unique personalized features your competitors don’t. Customers can now only get exactly what they want without compromising on anything, while store owners can offer their unique quotes and sell products at higher costs and reduce the overall number of product returns.

Moreover, not all eCommerce store owners think that selling more products and gaining customer satisfaction is enough to create a 3D product configuration software for their eCommerce store. Some of them aren’t even aware of what 3D configurator software is.

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Offering 3D configuration increases the customer’s satisfaction by giving them the power to choose what they want from a specific product line or service. If you provide your customers the ability to customize their chosen products and deliver them exactly what they want, they’ll be more than satisfied with their purchase.

How? Because, they no longer have to return or exchange products that don’t fit or aren’t what they order or wanted, which means low returns and low product complaints. When you offer your customer customized products, you can charge them for those customized items. It’s because your customers are willing to pay more for those customized products that match their wants and needs.

4. Increase Customer Loyalty

Product configuration helps you build a loyal customer base by giving them an easy way to design personalized products of their preference and connect with them in a better way. By offering this unique experience for each customer, you encourage them to continue to visit your store and do more shopping.

That way, they become brand advocates for your business who will tell other people about your products and company. In addition to that, customers feel more satisfied with their product because they were able to make the final call over how the product will look and function.

5. Create a Creative Brand Image

By using 3D product configuration software, you can showcase your company’s technological and design prowess in a creative way. This will make your company appear more innovative, creative, and cutting edge over other companies, which is important to stand out in a crowded market. Customers will be impressed with your ability to provide them with so many customization options with just one click.


Using 3D configurator software for your business can provide a lot of benefits from which not only your customers will benefit, but, also your online store. But, how can you implement such software on your website or online store?

Well, you have to get one based on your business requirements for a better experience or you can go with a pre-setup approach. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you build a 3D product configuration software, Simplio 3D offers a wide range to choose from.

Their configuration software creates photorealistic and immersive images, interactive 3D, and augmented reality experiences that will help your eCommerce store grow and sell more.


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