Customers Want To Talk

How Your Customers Want To Talk To Your Business?

As a customer service agent, you might have come across so many professionals, offering you advice about ways to talk to your customers. These training programs are designed from a professional point of view so; you can scan through the customer, and come up with an instant solution. However, your customers don’t want you a technically skilled person, instead, your customer wants a customer service agent to empathize with them.

Great communication is an art, and believe it or not, most people are not artists. As a customer service agent, you are expected to work as a psychologist and a technical expert at the same time. Not all customers want a readily prepared solution. Some want a conversation that can guide them through the issue. These personal touches are usually missing because customer service agents become part of the rat race, pushing numbers, and trying to hit their benchmark. When you are genuine with your customers and try to build a connection, it can earn you better results than any 90% off sales tag, or discount coupon can. 

At the core of customer service is emotional intelligence that lets you break barriers and connect with the person on the other end of the phone. From respecting diversity to making your customers feel welcomed as a member, the goal is to make your customer feel the connection. An exceptional example of customer service is Astound Broadband powered by RCN. You can reach them at the RCN customer service number. They offer 24/7 customer service in multiple languages, so the customers can feel included. Moreover, they have a technical staff department that will let you resolve the issue right away with no external help.

What does Your Customer want from you?

Feeling connected, emotional support, simple solution, and prompt response, what is the key to your customer’s heart?

To answer this question, a survey was conducted recently by a private research company. They concluded that more than 64% of customers are willing to take their money elsewhere if they do not feel valued. Yes, the solution is good but if they feel just another brick in the wall, or another man offering money to the brand, they will take a back foot right away.

Even worse, most customers put their feelings on top. This means more people are willing to say goodbye to businesses if they do not “feel” right. This is the reason; more people are supporting small business owners offering those personalized notes, some extra services, or a complimentary gift.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, most people are asking the question of how exactly they can make their customers “feel” valued.

A simple answer is to leave the technical work to the machine and just use your people skills.

How To Focus On Personalized Touch?

Most people will tell you that customers need personalized touch, but they will never tell you how to add the personal touch, while you are rummaging through a pile of data trying to figure out how to resolve the issue. A simple solution to this issue is to automate everything related to technical knowledge. From building script-based guidelines to adding prompts, feedback, and IVR-based technology for basic greetings, do everything that can help you cut the monotonous conversation.

 For customer service agents, VOIP has made the process easy. Previously, customer service agents would struggle with information processing and holding a conversation without sounding robotic. Now, with VOIP, you can multitask, skim through the customer history, and come up with an instant solution while you are having a good conversation. VOIP can directly be attached to your project management system, so you can easily retrieve important data. With the right internet connection, your technical work will be sorted right away, and you will have a good conversation with the customer. 

In case, you feel the personalized tone is making you lose your poise, do not worry study shows that almost 56% of older customers (aka boomers) appreciate the professional tone. However, this is changing, and Gen Z is entering the consumer market. Gen Z does not care about professionalism. They want to feel the connection. Tell a joke, ask about their day, or compliment them, anything that can help you break the ice will help you boost customer satisfaction.

Tips To Help You Make Your Customer Feel Valued

 Listen more

This might seem weird but customer service is 90% listening and only 10% talking. If the customer is having a breakdown on the phone, just let them talk and acknowledge. As the ranting dies down, you can offer them a solution, and console them.

Rely On Positivity

Positivity will turn things around. As cliché as this might sound, it is the only tool you can bank on. Everything that sounds negative or has an apologetic tone can be turned into an interesting thank note. A simple example is to thank your customer for their wait rather than apologizing for keeping them waiting.

Get To the Tone

A fun way of personalizing the conversation is to catch the lingo of your customer. Talk their talk, so they know you feel their emotions. This will work as an instant icebreaker. However, there is a very fine line between adjusting your ways and making them unpleasantly obvious. Some people have accents, and others will have a unique perspective, and you cannot mimic that. This will fall into the category of making things unpleasantly obvious.

Offer the Help

Yes, they called you for help but offering them to help further means you are invested as an individual and not as a customer support agent doing his job. Ask them to leave feedback and how you can help them further. Disconnecting a call just because you felt they are satisfied is one of the worst assumptions and this can leave a bitter aftertaste. The way you exit a call will help your customer decides if the feedback needs to be positive or negative.

Wrap Up

Communication is a two-way street, and no matter what most people will tell you, or how carefully you curate your conversation, it is a slippery slope. With the help of these basic tips, there is a high chance that you will be able to resolve issues faster and build the connection.

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