15 YouTube Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business Growth

YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

Video is a powerful content strategy for storytelling! It plays an important role in the success of your content marketing efforts and creating online campaigns. Content also makes a big impact to connect with people and build deeper relationships between you and your target customers. 

 Here are a few statistics that prove video is the best part of your content marketing plan: 

  • 87% of online marketers prefer video content
  • Video content was 80% of all internet traffic.
  • Social media videos gained 1200% more sales than images and texts. 
  • Video consumption volume increases by more than 100% every year. 
  • 90 percent of people say they watch new brands or products on YouTube videos. 

Here are 15 actionable YouTube video marketing tactics that will help you to boost your business growth. 

1. Create YouTube Brand Account

A YouTube brand account is a business account that is specifically for your brand. You can activate and manage these accounts with your personal YouTube account. A YouTube brand account gives your business great exposure, and it presents your unique company name, content, and branding to the exact audience. 

With a YouTube brand account, you can access and add channel managers to your profile. A brand account allows you to access YouTube analytics such as watch time, audience engagement, conversation reports, user demographics, and total revenue. 

Ready to create your brand account? 

  • Log in to Yoube by using your personal account. 
  • Click your profile picture or avatar in the top right corner. 
  • Click settings-> create new channel
  • Enter your company name and business email address to create a brand account. 
  • Tap the click button once you’ve finished the above process.
  • A YouTube brand account is ready to access.

2. Identify Your Target Customers

Identify Your Target Customers

Researching your target customers is the first marketing tactic to reach your brand to the right person. For example, you wouldn’t write a blog post without knowing what your audience wants to read, and it isn’t a smart idea. 

If you’re trying to develop your marketing strategy, you have to analyze what your competitors are doing. And what type of content they promote and much more. 

There are lots of online tools available in the market that will help you to find out more questions your target audience asked. YouTube’s search suggestion section is one of the examples to find what people are already searching for. Another section is YouTube comments to find popular creators relevant to your industry.  

3. Having a Video SEO Strategy

Having Video SEO Strategy

YouTube is one of the second largest search engines after google.com. People not only use this network to find and watch specific videos. They also use his platform to search for huge information like “Google.” 

There are multiple ways to make your video easier to view on YouTube. Here are a few smart techniques for your YouTube video SEO:

  • Titles – YouTube shows the first 60 characters on your videos, so keep it simple and informative. You can use the YouTube keyword tool to find your videos’ best and most relevant keywords. 
  • Video description –  Provide a short video description and add keywords to it. You can also add your website link in the video description to drive traffic. 
  • Tags – Use Trending tags with different keyword variations. 

Pro Tip: 

  • Link building is a key factor for your YouTube video ranking while users were searching videos. 
  • Thumbnails make a first impression to watch your videos. 
  • Many people watch videos by using mobile devices, so you should make videos mobile-friendly.
  • Video sitemap is a great strategy to give all details of your video content. 

4. Create Unique & Informative Content 

If you create content for YouTube, you should think about why people are interested in watching videos more than content types. Because videos describe more information and are engaging than ebooks, blogs, and so on. 

Here are few ideas to create eye catchy content: 

  • Keep your content interesting. 
  • Give a good introduction. 
  • Include a strong message in your YouTube video. 
  • Have a clear video description with an engaging call to action.
  • Capture videos in an attractive background with good lighting.
  • Use a YouTube video maker tool to make your video more visually appealing.

5. Be Regular 

Creating video content on YouTube is a time taking and lengthy process. So, make a short introduction video and promote it on your YouTube channel. It will help your subscribers know what you’re going to post. 

If you want to give an idea to your viewers of your brand, it will be great to promote your future videos to gain attention. But you need to update your content regularly based on your previous video or something else. 

However, not only posting content regularly will help your brand reach, but you should also find the best time to post content on YouTube. Because you can easily reach your brand to a massive audience when you upload content at peak time.

6. Make TuTorial Videos 

Make TuTorial Videos

Tutorial videos are instructional videos that give viewers the proper way to use your products and services. Nowadays, many people take an interest in watching step by step guide videos to understand a certain function clearly. Tutorial videos can be useful for any industry such as beauty & fashion, cooking, education, travel, medical, and much more. 

YouTube is one of the excellent places in the internet world to learn new ideas through tutorial videos. It is especially great for beauty brands to show their products in a clear action to their customers. 

7. Try YouTube Live Streaming Videos

Try YouTube Live Streaming Videos

YouTube live stream videos are the best video strategy to go viral and stand out from the massive audience. The live video transforms online video into an interactive session. 

Most of the brands try to improve their SEO using live stream videos. YouTube live streaming will help you to organically boost your YouTube video rank and gain more exposure. Because live streaming videos are more engaging and producing fresh content for your audience. 

8. Optimize Your Video For Interactions 

Once you encourage people to watch your YouTube content, you need to focus on increasing interactions. Here are some interesting tactics to optimize your Youtube videos; 

  • Add a clear CTA –Depending on your goals, and you can add a call to action button with your videos. Whether you want to generate sales, increase brand awareness, drive your website traffic, or something else. 
  • Make simple & short videos – According to the research, short videos perform better than long videos. But in reality, video length depends on your work and message. So, find the video length that best for your content and use it. 
  • Say Thank You – Simply thank your audience at the end of your video. It’s a good way to build conversations, get new customers, and increase your brand exposure. 

9. Maximize Your Video Research 

Are you wondering how to get a winning marketing result and get the maximum impact? 

Here are some useful methods to boost your brand reach: 

  1. Engage with your audience – try to engage with your viewers by asking their opinions and responding to all their comments under the YouTube video. If you go to live videos, you can get instant notifications when someone comments on your live session. 
  2. Content is the part of your overall marketing – Video is one of the amazing formats to present your creative thoughts that are the same as you have in blog posts, white papers, web pages, and all your other formats. 

10. Create Attractive YouTube Thumbnails

Create Attractive YouTube Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the cover photo that represents your video on the YouTube channel. YouTube thumbnails create the first impression when people browse and try to decide which video shows them the perfect content. 

Effective video thumbnails receive users to click your videos and make your YouTube channel more authentic. When you’re trying to gain more subscribers to your videos, your thumbnails should be relevant to your content and title. 

Here are some useful tips for creating custom thumbnails: 

  • Use high quality images.
  • Add the video title on your thumbnail to attract more viewers. 
  • Use the JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIF image format. 
  • Include standard video sizes because small/large size videos look blurry. 

11. Share YouTube Videos On Other Social Platforms

Every social platform has its own style and culture, so be active in other social communities to increase your popularity. You should find out which platform is suitable for your business and where your content will be displayed. 

Use the following tips to promote your videos on other social networks: 

  • Include your YouTube channel link to your Instagram bio. 
  • Make YouTube videos in a slideshow format and upload them on the Instagram stories page.
  • Convert your YouTube videos into blog content
  • Promote/share your YouTube videos on relevant sources. 
  • Create short promo videos on your Facebook page and link back to your original video. 

12. Collaborate With Other YouTube Users 

Social media collaboration is more popular among content creators. It is also an excellent way to receive new audiences and boat your YouTube subscribers. 

Working with other people has many benefits, such as it helps you make a strong relationship with popular brands and influencers, increasing your potential and credibility. 

Here are some ideas on how to collaborate with other users:

  • Find YouTube influencers and brands relevant to your industry and create videos together. 
  • Make collaboration with influencers from other platforms. 
  • Interact with your audience and find their needs & interests through comments. 
  • Not only find influencers who have a large following, but you should also track their content quality and engagement rate. 

13. Get Your Audience Feedback 

For online marketing, all your videos should be based on audience engagement and niche. The best way to improve your video engagement is to take feedback from your Youtube audiences. You can ask them specific questions on how to develop your videos and what type of content they expect from your future creations, and so on. 

However, sometimes you can think the post you published on Youtube will suit your audience, but it does not fit your audience’s niche. So, you should take notes on what content fits your target audience and start making your content that instantly gets better engagement.  

14. Establish Your YouTube Channel 

If you want to reach your brand to potential customers and encourage visitors to take your brand to the next level, branding your YouTube channel will help you to present your brand in front of a wider audience. “Work Examiner” is the best example of a branded YouTube channel.

One way to brand your YouTube channel is to use an AI video editor. AI video editors can help you to create high-quality videos that are consistent with your brand voice and visual identity. They can also help you to save time and money by automating many of the tasks involved in video editing.

Use the following tactics to brand your channel: 

  • Use your company logo – If you have a unique YouTube channel, you can use your company/brand logo for your channel. 
  • Add title & description – Want people to find your channel quickly? You must add engaging titles and descriptions to your videos. 
  • Add Links – You can add your website or social media links to your videos to drive traffic. 

15. Analyze Your Channel Performance 

Without analytics, not any online marketing campaign will succeed. If you promote a lot of videos on YouTube, you should track your video performance and make suitable decisions to improve them. 

YouTube analytics is the free inbuilt tool, which helps to track your video’s performance and learn more about your channel. You can also use the SE ranking position tool to measure your YouTube ranking with relevant keywords. 

However, you can track your overall brand awareness based on the total number of views, shares, and mentions on YouTube! It is the best way to build a successful YouTube video marketing strategy. 


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