Windows VPS vs Linux VPS: What is the Difference? MilesWeb Offers You Both!

Windows VPS vs. Linux VPS: What is the Difference

A virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server in a physical server with independent server resources. In simpler words, it is a powerful server with dedicated resources. Remember that in the VPS hosting from MilesWeb service, a physical server has many virtual servers with independent resources. Major areas like security, stability, performance, and control are there where VPS servers excel. Linux VPS with KVM by MilesWeb is the right option for customers looking for VPS hosting servers.

Hence, most of the web hosting servers have Linux operating systems installed in them.

But it is not only about Linux VPS servers. There are even servers for operating systems like Windows. Windows VPS by MilesWeb hosting with the best features gives optimal hosting infrastructure and you will be hosting web files in a reliable hosting space.

So, in the debate between Linux and Windows VPS web hosting servers, which one is the best for your web hosting needs? In this guide, we will showcase some information highlighting key differences between both of them. Keep reading.

What is a VPS?

So, what is meant by the virtual private server?

In this type of hosting, different websites and domains are hosted in a virtual server with independent operating systems, server resources, and many more configurations. VPS hosting servers meet specific individuals’ hosting needs. In simpler words, VPS hosting servers offer a customized and completely isolated environment that can be rebooted independently at any time.

If you are looking to get full root access to memory, applications, configuration files (and more!). So, running a VPS is just like having a stand-alone server with a comparable level of control, at a nominal cost.

Thus, businesses with enterprise-level websites with resource-intensive applications. Website owners should opt for the simpler and less expensive shared hosting environments on offer or go for the more robust and sophisticated virtual private server options.

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering Linux and Windows VPS hosting services. They offer web hosting services of VPS servers at affordable costs and give all relevant configurations like control panels and many more. Even you will be getting managed server support for both VPS hosting services.

So, don’t worry if there is no technical expertise to host web applications. MilesWeb will look after all technical configurations, installations, and many other technical aspects of the hosting operation. Let us overview Windows VPS and Linux VPS servers and understand the difference between them.

Linux VPS Hosting Advantages

If you compare the prices of both web hosting services, you will find that Linux VPS hosting servers are cheaper. It is because Linux is a free and open operating system where you can run different web projects for free. Whereas Windows require a licensed version of the operating system.

Linux operation system comes up with more flexibility and different control panels like cPanel and DirectAdmin are compatible with a such operating system. If you compare it with Windows operating system only the control panel Plesk is accessible on it. In terms of data security measures, Linux might look vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks but it is not. Pick appropriate Linux VPS hosting servers and secure your crucial web projects.

Windows VPS Advantages

One of the primary advantages that Windows VPS hosting services offer is the user’s convenience. After all, Windows has a user-friendly interface that makes it as an easy and comfortable computing resource. Thus, if your business applications run on the Windows framework, Windows VPS servers with managed support are the best option to prefer. ASP.NET websites are accessible with Windows servers and VPS servers with the same operating system would bring productive outcomes for your business.

Moreover, remote desktop access is available with Windows operating system. It means server users can access it from anywhere with the help of a control panel (Plesk) and its user-friendly interface. Thereby, server management is simpler and easier than Linux, which requires a text-based Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.

Linux VPS or Windows VPS? Which to choose?

Once you have finalized the virtual private server it is time to determine which framework is suitable for your website. If your websites are built on Python, Perl, and other frameworks accessible with Linux operating systems. Windows operating systems are also helpful but the website’s framework should be accessible with it.

Costs difference in both will be not higher if you purchase VPS hosting services from a reliable company MilesWeb. Get optimal features like a control panel, managed server support, hosting servers, and many more for a smooth hosting experience.

Final Words

No matter which operating system you prefer to host web files, always choose quality services. Get Windows and Linux VPS web hosting servers with a good hosting resource and a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. A secured web hosting infrastructure will boost your online presence and give valuable outcomes.


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