Try the Cost-Worthy Shared Hosting Services by MilesWeb

Try the Cost-Worthy Shared Hosting Services by MilesWeb

There are billions of websites online worldwide. So, you might have also thought to start your website. But, do you know that starting a website is not an easy task? You need a web hosting infrastructure that MilesWeb will provide. MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider for a decade. They offer you different web hosting plans like shared hosting by MilesWeb plans, VPS hosting plans, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and many more.

And if there is any website that has less traffic where site owners are new. Also, if they are not having any technical background to manage server resources, they must approach to MilesWeb where windows shared hosting by MilesWeb with 24×7 tech support is available. Because of this, new users are getting a reliable shared hosting resource with a robust hosting infrastructure.

Now, what is so special about MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans? In this guide, we will explore them briefly. Just read carefully.

What is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is an Indian leading web hosting firm founded in 2012. They offer different types of web hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and many more. MilesWeb is known for providing reliable technical support.  They have served over 40,000+ clients and have a stellar rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot.

Why Shared Hosting from Them Is So Popular?

What if you get technical support, a free SSL certificate for your domain, and other useful features for your website at just ₹ 50/month? Don’t you think it is a fair deal? Yes, this is what MilesWeb has to offer you without charging any additional cost. In return get unmetered bandwidth, SSD NVMe storage space, and 24×7 tech support with the 30-day money-back guarantee promise. That is why many users worldwide are opting for MilesWeb’s shared hosting plan.

What Does Shared Hosting Actually Mean?

In simpler words, shared hosting plans are those web hosting plans where server resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space are shared among different web hosting users. As a result, their IP address will be the same. MilesWeb hosts websites on SSD NVMe-based servers that give users a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

Why Shared Hosting?

Many new users who are building their websites for the first time are hearing about this term. Shared hosting is a good web hosting package for the novice and new website owners. As the entire server resource is not allocated to one user but shared among many, its cost is lower. So, if you have also built a website for the first time, the shared hosting plan is helpful.

You must have eventually come across the term “shared hosting.” I say this because beginners and website owners alike choose shared hosting over other types of web hosting. Due to its low costs, shared hosting has grown in popularity over time.

As part of shared hosting, your website is kept on a server along with multiple other websites. You and other websites share this server. You share server resources with other websites in addition to the server. The RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and disc space on the server are among its resources. It lowers web hosting costs, but it also requires some technical know-how. The shared hosting plan comes with a control panel that you can use to administer your web hosting account.

Customers pay less when they choose a shared hosting plan since they have access to all the resources. Because shared hosting services are so inexpensive, the majority of website owners opt for them. Along with the cost benefits, shared hosting provides services like limitless bandwidth, round-the-clock maintenance and customer assistance, an intuitive control panel, and an uptime guarantee.

Advantages of Shared Hosting from MilesWeb

1. 24×7 Customer Service

MilesWeb is available 24×7 for customers to assist them with the right guidance. If customers have any concerns, MilesWeb is ready to assist and support the team.

2. Domain Registrations

Free Domain Name With MilesWeb, you may register a domain name of your choice. With MilesWeb, you may start a website because they provide a web hosting package and a domain name to establish your online presence. To get a .com domain, simply acquire a plan for one or three years.

3. Solid State Drives

With MilesWeb, you may begin web projects and obtain the fastest page loading for your websites. Solid State Devices, or powerful SSD storage drives, are used to power MilesWeb’s servers. Websites hosted on SSD storage drives operate 10 times quicker than those hosted on conventional hard disc drives.

4. Service for Free Website Migration

MilesWeb offers a team of professionals to assist you with the migration process for migrating all of your website files and directories. They provide a free website migration service. All of your website’s files will be transferred to MilesWeb’s server at no additional cost by a professional migration team.

5. Tool for Building Websites

Now, the website builder tool makes it simple to create a website. You can build a website with MilesWeb’s website-building tool without knowing any code. The first step is to choose a theme that suits your preferences, customize it to meet your needs, arrange widgets and menus, and get everything ready using the drag-and-drop feature.


Overall, you can rely on MilesWeb and deliver the best assistance with all expertise and human resources. If you are a newbie, this is the right web hosting service provider that gives shared hosting at affordable prices and reliable features. If you are ready to kickstart your online journey, shared hosting services are the reliable ones.


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