Top 11 UX & UI Design Trends

Top UX & UI Design Trends
Top UX & UI Design Trends

There are a lot of competitions. If you want to stick here you have to follow all the trends. If you have a website then you have to maintain it with an impressive design which can be done with UX and UI Design. So before you know about the trends you have to know about the designs.

A UX design is something that tells about user experience and UI Design tells about the user interface. The Designers of UX actually decide the working process of the user interface and UI Designers decide about them and feel for any application. For a perfect design, teamwork is important. and UI & UX design company can help you to create amazing designs.

So here we are discussing the most important 11 UX & UI Design Trends that can make your profile lit.

1. 3D Graphics:

The 3D design is one of the trends nowadays and the future of UI has lain on it. 3D Graphics help a website for more user engagement. 3D graphics become a tempting option for users using the underlying principles of photorealism. You should try this for mobile and user interfaces. One can improve their UX design by viewing the 360-degree presentation. Choosing background elements that come with seamless 3D movement can help you to make effective user navigation.

2. Illustrative Design:

Illustrative Design is also known as vector graphics which is a new trend of UX or UI. Through it, one can create images by using graphics. This is connected by lines and curves and gives the design a perfectly identifiable shape. A user can message with this design which makes it easier, clearer, and stylish. To establish artistic harmony, custom Illustrative can help you.

3. Animated Illustrations:

It is one of the new trends which is used to provide a human touch and natural feel to the overall UX design of the various products. We can see this design on websites, mobile screens, or images. It is very beneficial because it helps in narrating the story of a brand, service, or product. It also helps to engage a lot of audiences with the help of the motion.

4. AR:

AR refers to Augmented Reality. As a designer, you can use it in UI Design. It is really easy to understand, accurate, and better. It has become a trend because with this you can use real-time face filters. One can make an AR avatar by using this and can also create real-time animations. It is easy because users can use this with their phones.

5. VR:

VR stands for Virtual Reality. This is very beneficial for modern age user experience designers. This technology is not only used for photography, sketching, and motion design but also you can use it for depth, curved design, interactions, sound design, and environment. Designers can make a 360-degree field of vision. They avoid using 2d and 3d elements in it.

6. Minimalism And Buttonless:

Minimalism is used by the old artists as well as new artists. The geographic abstraction which is used in it can help in painting and sculpture. It is a user-friendly design that can enable the users with a journey. UI with Minimalism can include features like a large amount of spare space, Expensive visual hierarchy, Functionality for every element, Eliminating non-functional, etc. As well as it is simple and clear.

7. Neomorphism:

Neomorphism has become one of the biggest trends of 2021. Neomorphism is the mixture of neo and skeuomorphism. You can provide extruded-shaped magic with internal or external shadows and match real-life objects with it. It provides you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. It provides a detailed and precise design style. These contain highlights, glow, and shadows. Designers also get the opportunity to Migrate lifeless representation to realism.

8. Voice UI And AI technology:

We are living in the era of Siri, Alexa so it is important to have Voice UI with AI technology because among searches 50% is voice search. But my understanding skills were lacking. Now it becomes smarter and can understand it. It helps you to apply different design guidelines for voice interfaces. One can get visual feedback from it. Which helps a user to know that they are listening.

9. Bright UI:

Making a brighter and colorful UI is very challenging for a designer. A bright UI can increase manifold with flat and material design. Using vibrant colors and gradients has become a trend now for website work or business work. It can help the readability, legibility and helps in making clear navigation as well.

10. Storytelling:

Storytelling is a new trend of 2021. It creates a bond between the brand and its user. This UI Design is able to create positive creation. In Storytelling designers used to deliver data to their users in a creative way. It is very engaging as used in a lot of platforms.

11. Asymmetrical Layout:

An asymmetrical layout helps a designer to successfully push the boundaries of traditional web design. It is a grid system. With this design, you can experiment with different types of elements. It also helps to give a character and personality to the design. And the best part is you can design as per the user’s needs.


Trends are very important for everything. It helps us to stick in the competition of Market place. So always be sure that you are choosing a perfect UX and UI Design for your website or a business app that can give you Benefits as well. You can check here if you Need a UI UX design company.


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