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Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone rather than an option and since modern-day mobile phones aren’t limited to just calling, they prove to be quite helpful for a variety of tasks. Well, it is not just the increasing use of mobile phones that has made the device a new normal but it is also the advent of the internet that has amplified the purchase of mobile phones all around the world. Now, even a person with limited income has a mobile phone since the competitive market of mobile phones has dropped the prices.

From video chatting with friends to doing office work on the excel sheet, there are many things that you can do on your mobile phone and this is why modern-day mobile phones are considered nothing less than a laptop. Although there are many aspects of mobile phones, the soul of modern mobile phones is apps. Without apps, mobile phones or even the current era will become obsolete.

Now, the market of apps has become so competitive that there are more than 2.58 million apps on the Google Play store and the number keeps on increasing. Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to look at the top mobile apps for 2023 that you can use.


If you are a gaming maniac and looking forward to the best game of the era then the first app that you should download is surely PUBG but if it is banned in your country then you need a VPN For PUBG. It is basically a battleground game in which 100 players including bots are dropped on an island and you have to find guns and health kits for killing other players on the island. The last man surviving on the island is declared as the winner with the term ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. There are many different modes of this game as well. For example, you can play quick matches or you can go for a team deathmatch as well.

Using a trusted VPN service will make you anonymous and never let anyone know your identity. You can trust companies like Surfshark, NordVPN, & so more. These companies also offer their best plans like NordVPN & Surfshark 3-year deal to offer their services at cheap rates.

App locker

It’s true that everyone has something private on their mobile phone which they don’t want to show to others. But you can’t just keep ignoring people when they ask to use your phone. Well, a good way to be generous with people while keeping your secret hidden is to use the app locker. This is an easy-to-use app that can be used to lock videos, apps, and even photos. And the best part about this app is it’s completely free. You just have to browse apps, photos, and videos from your mobile phone and use the app to lock them.


It is one of those highly effective apps that is underrated. If you are using apps like share it and Xender and thinking that they are super fast at transferring files from one mobile phone to another, you need to try the very popular Files from Google. You will be completely dumbfounded by the speed at which this app transfers files. This app is easily available on Google Play Store and using this app is super easy. You can transfer any type of file through this app and there is no limit on the size as well. Just click on send or receive, connect the device, and transfer files at lightning speed.


There might be thousands of photo editing apps on the Google Play Store but the one that tops the list is surely Canva. You should know that this amazing app comes with a wide variety of ready-to-use templates, fonts, filters, and tools that you can apply to any type of photo. After using this app, you will be totally surprised with the results as this app is amazing at editing any type of photo. Whether you are planning to add funny things or looking for serious editing, you will find everything in this app.

Microsoft to-do

If you have been searching for a simple to-do app and haven’t been successful with your hunt then your search is going to end with Microsoft to-do. This is a simple yet effective to-do app that offers a sleek and distraction-free interface. The best thing about this app is it is going to suggest tasks on the basis of long-term patterns, upcoming deadlines, and all the stuff that was not visible in the past. So, don’t consider this app as a normal to-do app that requires regular checking as this app is going to help you to keep track of everything.

Amazon Music

If you are a music maniac and not able to find an app that offers all the songs that you love then Amazon Music is the app you should go for. But before downloading this app, you must understand that you will have to buy a Prime account from Amazon in order to use this app but be sure that this app is worth every penny you will be putting in. 

One of the best things about this app is it offers you a gigantic library of music. From classical Indian music to death metal bands, country music to folk songs, you will find every song you have been looking for on this app. You can even turn on Alexa and control this app through voice commands. Just say Alexa and then say the name of the song; the app will play the song automatically. But for using the voice command, the app needs to be opened on the screen. 


It is an America-based multimedia messaging app that has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. One of the most unique things about this app is the message that you send in the form of videos or photos to your friend is made available to the receiver for only a short period of time. This temporary availability of the app was introduced by the founders of the app to encourage a more natural flow of interaction. 

But what makes Snapchat unique is its regular changes. Even while being a regular user of this popular messaging app, you will be completely dumbfounded by the changes made. Snapchat filters have become quite popular since none of the apps out there offer so many entertaining and interactive filters. 


We are living in an era where you are no more confined to waiting for a taxi to stop on the street as taxi services have moved to mobile phones. You might have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing an on-demand cab service but the most popular one is surely Uber. You will be surprised to know that this popular on-demand cab service-based app is currently being used by more than 93 million active users. This app is currently being run in more than 70 countries and it will keep on expanding in the future. 

Uber is also one of the most used apps in the world since cab services are required in almost all countries. By using Uber, you can fetch a ride without waiting for long, and that too at reasonable rates. This is what the traditional cab services were lacking but Uber filled this void and become the most popular cab-based app all over the world. 


This is basically an accommodation booking app that helps people in planning for their trips with the locals instead of running the holidays. This is one of the most popular apps for all the people who keep on traveling. There is no denial in the fact that this platform lists apartments and boutiques, the primary idea is to encourage homestays with the city locals. 

There are millions of users taking advantage of Airbnb and you should do the same if you are fade up with using hotels for staying in different cities. You should know that Airbnb is present in many countries and its operation is only increasing with time. By taking advantage of the technology, Airbnb has built a highly user-friendly app that offers a seamless user experience. 

If you are using a mobile phone then there are maximum chances that you must be a fan of apps and all the apps suggested in this blog post are highly useful. Just make sure that you choose only those apps that are necessary for you since stuffing your mobile phones with apps is going to hamper the processing speed of your mobile phone.


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