5 Secret Techniques to Improve Domain Authority (Moz DA)

moz domain analysis tool to check DA and PA of the domains
moz domain analysis tool to check DA and PA of the domains

If you have been in the world of SEO, you might be aware of the domain authority and its importance for a website.

We see and hear people talk about high authority and low authority sites but have you ever questioned yourself how do they know if those sites are a high authority or low? They use some tools to check a website’s score called Domain Authority on a search engine.

For competitor analysis, a bulk da checker can be used to find the DA of multiple websites in one go. This way, you may save your time rather than going to the websites individually and checking their score.

In this article, we are going to cover some good and resultful techniques to improve your site’s domain authority. If you are struggling with your site’s domain authority, you can read and implement these techniques.

But before getting there, let’s discuss domain authority a little!

What is Domain Authority, and What Factors Contribute to Calculate it?

Domain authority is a search engine ranking factor by MOZ; it anticipates how likely a website is to appear on search engine results, and it is measured between 1 to 100 score range.

It is very important to consider this score if you want your website to be prominent on a search engine; some major factors contribute to calculating domain authority they including link explorers, machine learnings models, and algorithms.

Let’s get towards our major discussion!

5 Useful Techniques to Improve Domain Authority

Pick a good domain name

First comes a good domain name; if you are a veteran with how domain authority works, you can skip this point, but if you are a beginner to all this, then you must consider this point.

A good domain name is what describes your website, as we know the first impression is the last impression.

If you create a tech website and pick a name that is opposite to your site niche, you will miss the chance to rank on a search engine so, it is suggested to pick a domain name that best describes your site niche.

Work on SEO enriched content

A good and killer content is what does the trick in boosting your domain authority, and good content must be SEO optimized.

And how do you make your content SEO optimized? First of all, it should work on its On-page SEO, which includes good and catchy titles, engaging headings, good formatting, and visuals like images.

The most important thing in On-page SEO is the use of good keywords, including most searched and relevant keywords in your content to make it optimized.

Create some high authority links

Backlinks play a major role in improving the domain authority of sites. If you are struggling to boost your DA score, you must consider acquiring backlinks from high authority sites.

You can acquire backlinks from sites by outreaching it is a professional way of getting backlinks, and according to a study by Ahrefs, almost 56% of sites failed to get organic traffic without backlinks.

You can use different software and tools to outreach high authority sites for backlinks because if you really wanna improve your site domain authority, you must and should focus on high authority backlinks.

Getting a backlink from a high DA site is beneficial as it passes more link juice. However, you can use a domain authority checker to check the DA of the website from which you are getting the backlink.

Remember, SEO marketers usually get the worth of a backlink by analyzing the DA of the website.

Validate and remove bad links

As we have discussed in a previous point, how important are backlinks to improve DA score, but you don’t just have to work on getting backlinks. You should also validate those links.

And the best way to do it is to check your profile links now, and then this will find all the bad and poor links that are attached to your profile link, which could negatively affect your site domain authority.

It might be a time-consuming task to check for each link manually. There are plenty of tools available online that identify bad profile links. In a few seconds, you just have to search for the best one and get yourself familiar with how it works.

And once you get those broken bad links, your next step should be to remove them, and you can see how it improves your domain authority.

Make sure your site is responsive

Now that you have worked on all the technical things to help your DA score, you should now miss on this technique as it will allow your domain authority to improve well.

You all can agree with this point that we prefer those sites that are responsive, and It means that they work in symmetry on both laptops and mobile.

And unfortunately, if we get to use a poorly structured website, we get furious and immediately leave that site, right? The same is the case here with the DA score.

A poorly structured website will never gain organic traffic no matter how hard you work on backlinking.

The best way to save yourself from this inconvenience is to make your site both mobile and web-friendly; by doing this, you can see organic traffic on your site, which will ultimately boost your DA.

Additional tips to boost your domain authority

  • Work on the loading speed of your site
  • Check for the spam score of your site
  • Make content free of plagiarism
  • Repeatedly calculate the working of your website
  • Don’t forget the power of social media; promote your site on social media platforms

Final Verdict

This whole article is about the best ways that could help you in improving the domain authority of your site. If you are unfamiliar with the term itself, you can read the first section of this article.

And if you are familiar with what domain authority is but struggling to improve your site DA score, you can read the whole article to get your hands on 5 secret tips that will surely help you to boost DA score only if you study and implement them in a right way.


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