SEO VS PPC: Where A Startup Should Invest

SEO vs PPC (pay per click)

The question about which one is better: SEO VS. PPC is quite common these days. But there is no general answer to it as it all depends on the present objectives, marketplace, and situation.

Every marketer must know that organic search always conveys more volume at restored cost per lead when compared to paid search.

However, startups and small businesses can face a challenging time commencing with search engine optimization.

This makes the paid search much more favorable for search marketing if executed properly. Everything boils down to the digital marketing strategy.

You need to comprehend the potential customers and the way they utilize the web for determining whether you need organic search or paid search or an amalgamation of both.

A digital marketing agency and its services help you in choosing the correct conduit for your business. Stay tuned for learning the best way of integrating PPC and SEO for the best results.

Difference between SEO and PPC

When you are contemplating between PPC and SEO marketing, you must know that there are two key dissimilarities.

Firstly, paid advertisements always appear at the page’s top and above all organic listings that SEO influences. Secondly, organic traffic through search engine optimization is free but PPC traffic incurs a cost for every click.

But if you know what PPC and SEO and their respective functions perfectly, you will know integrating both will get you the desired outcomes. The strategic alignment of the two is very important.

Boosting organic traffic with SEO

What are the gains and losses of organic traffic from the SERPs? Let’s learn about the pros first:


You can tap into a positive branding advantage with visibility around information queries and marketable search terms connected to your respective business area.

Your brand can then not just create a connection but also searchers will trust it. They are the ones who will have various queries while they perform the research that will ultimately result in a purchase.

Here you have the freedom of appearing as an authoritative voice about a particular topic.

Website traffic

With the boost in website traffic, automatically you can get hands-on prospects for driving awareness of your brand.

This will also give you an opportunity of educating a prospect for which he/she must purchase from you.


You can instantly position your brand in front of prospective customers with SEO. Do you know how? Visibility in the search engines for the targeted keywords enables you in doing that. Driving brand awareness is also possible in this manner.

Trust and credibility

A website returning organic results is responsible for influencing the perceived credibility with a target audience that is seeking your specific services.

There are some users, who will skip advertisements and only rely on organic results in a better manner.

A brand can instantly receive the approval stamp if it is visible. Even when you carry a strong reputation and review signals, it can deliver more benefits.

Return on investment

Traffic from an organic search engine, can offer a better ROI in comparison to conventional methods of paid media and will eventually boost PPC.

Enhanced click-through rate

More people tend to click on the results of organic searches. However, you can find exceptions to this particular role as well.

It is possible to receive more clicks from an organic listing that is highly placed when compared to a paid ad.

Strategic advantage

Gaining visibility in the sphere of organic search is not very simple or a speedy process. It is a merit and as well as a demerit. This happens as upon establishing your brand in the organic results, you will find the competitors not able to buy their method in.

However, it will only happen if you have done everything correctly. This is your prime opportunity to gain a strategic benefit over your competition in case they are depending on the paid search.

Laser-targeted perceptibility with SEO

When speaking of Pay Per Click, it is vital to know what makes it more favorable than organic SEO? The question arises as the favor is more towards organic search along with all the click-through rates. But yet there are advantages that PPC offers. The pros are mentioned below:

Brand visibility

When you run paid search ads, you will automatically get the right people to discover you. In case those people back off and perform a brand search, before they click on the website, even then, the visibility can pay dividends to the marketing.

Value-added ads

The Pay Per Click ads are all about advertisements. This gives you more space and better granular control for delivering the marketing messages.

Sitelinks, bullet points, calls, pricing, and locations are a few options for constructing ads. These advertisements will then govern the page.

Visual product advertisements

Whenever it is about selling a product, you will find Google offering options for visual shopping through ads.

These include PLAs or Product Listing Ads. Through this users can witness the product that they will eventually click on. Such advertisement types can boost the click-through rate by providing a feature that is not accessible in organic search.


If you want to gain strict control over budget, then you must choose Pay Per Click Especially when you are contemplating between SEO VS. PPC, the latter one should be your pick. First, you need to decide the amount that you can invest each day and then you can set the fixed limit.


At this point, you can perfectly understand the difference between Pay Per Click VS. SEO. The development of proper organic visibility is time-consuming.

But when it is a PPC campaign, you can craft it within days and complete it within weeks.

You will find no speedier way of bringing your brand in front of prospective customers. Your customers are likely to be well informed to purchase in comparison to rewarded search engine ads.

Marketing intelligence

Organic tends to conceal keyword data by giving the picture of privacy. But when it comes to paid search, you will find no rigidity.

Utilize conversion tracking, analytics software such as Google Analytics, and robust integration for determining the keywords that can convert. Also, you will need to think about the cost.

Such intelligence is possible to feed into SEO marketing straightforwardly. You can even inform every other advertising for boosting outcomes across the entire board.

  • Stability – There are some things that organic results find a challenge. But AdWords will never be petrified by the same challenges.
  • There is no doubt that you will find changes but the effect will be much lower. You will find it very easy to manage such changes.
  • If you carefully utilize the match kinds and search term analysis of reports will not just permit the eradication of junk search but also an enhancement in ROI.

Final Say

As you look at both PPC and SEO and not just SEO VS. PPC, you will know that you are gazing at a perfect world. Both indeed carry their own merits and demerits. But these function best when they can support one another synergistically.

As you get PPC and SEO to function together, you will generate outcomes that are better than the parts. The advantages of functioning PPC and SEO together incorporate:

  1. It is possible to shift high-cost and low-converting keywords from PPC to SEO
  2. Feeding of conversion data and keywords from PPC into organic search is conceivable

When the search strategy is an integrated one that looks at PPC and SEO, you are choosing the best approach. Every channel witnesses a boost in results with the employment of both organic and paid. Digital marketing agencies will help you in generating a holistic strategy for search engines and not just managing PPC or SEO in isolation.


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