Latest SEO Trends to Rank Your Website in 2021

SEO Trends to Rank Your Website
SEO Trends to Rank Your Website

A perfect online business these days capitalizes on a variety of marketing strategies to stay in the game. It involves sustainable visibility of the business site on the search engine network to grab more web traffic and, of course, conversions and business leads. 

As research and Click-through Rate (CTR) studies suggest, more than 80% of the visitors come to click on the first top 4 or 5 results against their query on the search engine result page (SERP). Thus, it imperative that your business site must fall in either of these positions. The likelihood is high that a visitor may turn into a customer and purchase your products or services.  

Both areas of marketing, paid and organic, have witnessed revolutionary changes in their functionality as well as implementation. Search engine algorithm has evolved as Google pushed its focus towards the improvement of user experience. Often, SEO Agency Dubai helps brands and businesses to craft promising marketing and ethical SEO strategies that comply with Google guidelines and policies.

Mobile SEO 

As the internet continues to penetrate, more and more people today carry out the search and surf via their phones in their hands. An online business entity can never neglect the immense role of a website that is optimized for mobile. A lot of issues come into play when we say, optimize for mobile users. Something the issues come in the shape of design and content overlap, or simply the site takes too much time to load up. All these issues hinder the site’s performance on the phone and eventually, the visitors bounce back from the site. 

Incorporate Engaging Content 

The importance of content marketing in advanced SEO has increased significantly. People crave content that helps them resolve a query for which they come into the internet. Otherwise, poor content easily alienates visitors that are coming to your website and leave without finding what they want. Thus, a successful content strategy must include user experience, engagement as well as focusing on user intent. 

User intent is playing a huge role in SEO and its careful exploitation can make a website function successfully. Thus aligning your content with user intent is noticeably important to enabling visitors to stick to your site as well the search engine value relevancy and uniqueness to rank up your website. 

User intents are categorized as below. 

  • Informational Intent: Visitors looking for gathering information. 
  • Navigational Intent: Visitors with navigational intent usually want to visit a specific website. 
  • Transactional Intent: The term transaction here pretty much defines the nature of this intent. Typically, lots of people come to the internet to buy something or want to find the best deals and likely to purchase something. 
  • Commercial Intent: People with commercial intent often come to surf the internet for doing research and perhaps want to make a purchase decision in the soon future. 

Maintain Credibly and Authority  

The terminologies, domain credibility, and authority have increasingly become hot topics in all digital marketing debates. However, these stats alone do not guarantee any success in the eyes of Google as almost everyone uses these metrics to refer to the same thing. Websites are valued for they are built and the content on them must resolve the end-users queries. To put it in simple perspectives, if a website portrays to be a reliable source of information for a specific topic, the website is considered credible and authoritative.

For businesses and brands, this is important as it helps gain the trust of the end-users— the customers and clients, so to speak. It implies that brands and business which somehow fail to establish a trustworthy online persona are letting go a lot of opportunities in the growing online consumerism.

Take Advantages of Infographics  

Though, multimedia of all kinds is encouraged when displaying information on a website. However, some forms of multimedia do well than others. Studies show that users are likely to read and trust information that is displayed visually and graphically, such as pictures, videos, and infographics. 

Content, even though how engaging and well written it is, can become boring and push away the end-users. And, that’s where the incorporation of multimedia comes into play. Usually, visitors find multimedia interesting and easy to comprehend when compare to long textual content.  

Thus, delivering content that is engaging, eye catchy, and interactive enough that is also easy to share on various other platforms is a key to ramp up high traffic.  

Summing Up

Digital marketing these days involves a mix of organic and paid marketing models as well as capitalizing on various social media platforms. However, incorporating SEO in marketing is highly imperative for brands and businesses as it keeps the marketing cost significantly low and high return on investment (ROI). To bring in more traffic and rank up a website thus require a holistic SEO lead strategy that encapsulates user experience, engaging content, and user intent


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