What is the Role of SEO in Online Reputation Management?


SEO (search engine optimization) & ORM (online reputation management) both are related to each other, but It is different because SEO is about getting consistent traffic from search engines & ORM is all about an image of your business.

The first page of Google is the showcase of your business if someone is searching for your brand. The searcher for sure wants to know more about your brand or business but if they find any negative information about your brand it may change their mind about your business. So, it’s your responsibility to ensure SERPs only include positive results about your business.

What is the right reputation management strategy?

There are many strategies that can help you to manage your online reputation on google but before you are stating your ORM campaign you need to figure out the following few things:

  • Check out your brand on Google
  • Check out the search results
  • Find negative results about your business
  • Check the position of negative reviews, articles, news, etc.
  • Check if the information is wrong about your business

SEO is the right ORM marketing technique that you can apply to change results about your business on the internet. It has the potential to push your positive results on the top rankings that automatically down the negative results, but you need to very careful before crafting your digital marking strategy.

Other Strategies That You Can Try

As a brand, you have to respond as quickly as possible about negative reviews, news coverage, and criticism because it helps to protect your brands’ trustworthiness and loyalty about your customers.

Figure out why Google serving the result and if possible, produce similar or batter versions of the content on the same website that is serving the negative review can really help.

Communication and transparency can really help to secure your brand image. For the future find all kinds of branded terms (brand search queries) and crate content about them with the expertise that no one can match. Acquire as many positive results as you can on Google’s first page.

Google and the digital world are changing at very fast you have to monitor your brand’s visibility because online reputation management is an ongoing process that never ends so keep working on making your brand awesome and serve the best service or products that you are offering.


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