SEO Competitor Research: Ways to Dominate the Competitors in Organic Search Results

SEO competitor research

It’s important to drive quality traffic into your site because those visitors are the ones who are most likely going to convert and spread the word about your business. But with other companies competing for the attention of the same person you want, how do you make sure you bring home the bacon? You need to rank high in search engines.

Search engines are one of the best means to drive targeted traffic to your site. But how you do this? You need to understand SEO and your competitor’s SEO tactics by conducting SEO competitor research. If you want to dominate your competitors in organic search results stress-free, it’s best to hire an award-winning SEO company in Miami to do it for you. Or, you can also try out these methods:

What are the Different Ways to Dominate Your Competitors in Organic Search Results?

Do Keyword Research

One of the most critical factors of good SEO is keyword usage. Using the right keywords or key phrases in your content will help boost your SEO ranking.  Here are some tips that will help you come up with keywords that will help boost your SEO ranking:

  • Find keywords with high search volume that aren’t being used by other SEOs in your space.
  • Please take into account the keywords that your competitors use that generates them the highest ROI.
  • Don’t rely too much on keyword generator tools. Use your sales funnel to come up with keywords or phrases that your customers will likely use during the process.  
  • Brainstorm on the possible keywords that are most likely to pop out of your target audience’s heads when thinking about your niche, product, or service.
  • Use buyer’s keywords and long-tail keywords in your content.

Monitor Keyword Trends

SEOs exist to provide the best possible search experience by generating relevant and useful results when a web user enters a phrase into the search box in any search engine. You want your site to appear first for a keyword that is related to the products or services your business offers. However, every few years, new keywords emerge across various industries and niches. That’s why you always need to monitor keyword trends because the keyword that generated the best ROI from three years ago may no longer get you the best results today. You can use Google trends to help you check if a topic or phrase is losing or gaining significance online.

Update your previous blog posts with new emerging keywords. Make sure also to create many high-quality and targeted blog posts containing the new keywords. Doing this will help build your authority for those keywords in search engines before your competitors do.

Prevent Link Decay

Link decay is when your backlinks no longer hold the same power as it did before. It can affect your SEO ranking. So, if you always want to rank high in SERPs, make it a priority to prevent link decay in your content. To do this, you need to future-proof your content and make sure that your backlinks are from quality websites. Updating your pages will also help make sure that your content continues to earn backlinks in the years to come.

Here are some tips on how to prevent link decay:

  • Avoid using resources from a personal site
  • Remove links in your previous blog posts that no longer exist and update with emerging keywords
  • Use PURLs and DOIs whenever possible

Don’t Focus on One Link Building Method

Search engines investigate deep into your backlinks. They make sure that they matter to web users before indexing them in search results. That’s why it’s essential to use backlinks from quality websites. But aside from this, you also need to diversify your link profile to guarantee your rank in search engines. Having a diversified link profile will make the bots think that you have the best to offer web users. 

Here are the different link building strategies you should try:

  • Use guest blogging
  • Create and publish infographics
  • Be active on social media
  • Only use resource links from reputable sites
  • Research your competitors’ backlinks
  • Copy the best links from your competitors

Focus on High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

It’s easier to rank for keywords that your competitors aren’t targeting. So, focus on inquiries that receive low searches on search engines. Building many backlinks to sites that target those keywords will help you establish a level of authority and credibility in that niche. It would be best if you also focused on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific and more prolonged than keywords. They usually get less traffic, but they have a high conversion value.

Improve your SEO Strategy

Your organic search traffic may stop expanding if you use the same SEO strategy for too long. Meaning, an SEO strategy could become less useful over time. It could be because your tactics have become too common that everyone else is using it, or because it’s outdated. Make sure always to improve your SEO strategy by paying attention to trends.

Quantity and Quality Always Go Together

To rank high in search engines, you must create high-quality content in various forms. It’s not enough to produce a thousand-word blog post every day with targeted keywords. You also need to create video content, infographics, newsletters, photos, and more. The more content you publish, the more SEO bots will see your site as relevant and useful to web users. Suppose you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do to dominate your competitors in organic search results. In that case, you can always ask for the professional help from award-winning SEO companies!

Are You Looking for an Award-Winning SEO Company?

The reason why your competitors are outranking you in organic search results has something to do with their SEO tactics. You need to know what’s working for them so you can use them, improve them, and gain a competitive advantage. Getting a full view of what you’re up against will help you turn the most successful elements in their strategy into your SEO tactic. Tap into award-winning SEO companies to help you dominate your space!


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