MilesWeb Hosting Reviews: Rock-Solid Dedicated Hosting Solution

Milesweb Hosting Reviews

You are just one step away from the exact process if you are crucial about expanding your business. Check out cheap dedicated server plans that can contribute a lot to growing your business. If you want to build your online presence on the web at an initial level. Means, If you want to get started keeping your cost low, shared hosting is an ideal option.

The next to shared hosting is VPS. It is an apt solution for hosting high-traffic websites/applications. You get an isolated environment with VPS, but virtually.

When you want to use bare metal server, you get a dedicated hosting environment. The server is solely yours, and you don’t share the server or the server resources. All the dedicated resources are 100% guaranteed, and you don’t have to compromise on any performance issues.

To get the best results in your online business, you need flexibility, control, and scalability. You cannot create an online presence unless you have a website to reach the visitors and, just having a website alone is also not sufficient otherwise.

The web hosting industry is highly competitive, where you will find a gamut of hosting providers. The main point is which web hosting provider to choose. Similarly, MilesWeb is a cheap and expert in dedicated server technology.

MilesWeb has been in the hosting business for the past nine years. And is highly consistent in delivering industry-leading web hosting services. Their main aim is to offer high-quality web hosting services at affordable prices.

With MilesWeb, you can host your resource-intensive website or application and run it on the powerful infrastructure or customize it according to your requirements in very little time.

Know About the Concept of Dedicated Hosting 

A dedicated server is as the name suggests itself, a server that is dedicated entirely to your website or web project. Unlike traditional computers, a dedicated server comprises enterprise-grade hardware that organizations can use to boost their mission-critical websites/applications. 

With a dedicated server, you don’t share CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and other hardware resources with anyone. You get the highest possible speed and performance with a dedicated server. A dedicated server has a flexible nature that allows businesses to customize and implement their security as per their requirements. 

Dedicated hosting plans are expensive, but they are definitely worth your investment. You have to invest money once and watch your business reach new heights of success.

For dedicated hosting, MilesWeb has fifteen plans. From the plans given in the above image, you can choose one that best fits the requirements of your mission-critical website/application. The Intel CPU cores range from 4 to 40 Cores, RAM lies from 8GB to 256GB, SSD disk space from 480GB to 2TB SSD, bandwidth from 1 TB to 5TB, and one dedicated IP.

MilesWeb hosting comes with fifteen price plans

Also, you should ensure that it fits your budget. Starting with their base plan, it costs Rs. $99mo and has 4 Intel CPU cores. MilesWeb’s dedicated servers can meet the needs of high-demanding websites/projects. Moreover, you can also choose the control panel from the available options.

No matter which dedicated server plan you choose, you get the server all to yourself. No matter which dedicated server plan you choose, you get the server all to yourself. There is no sharing of resources, no hassles, and limits.

Features of MilesWeb Dedicated Server!

Intel Xeon Processors

On the dedicated servers of MilesWeb, they make use of Intel Xeon processors. The Intel Xeon processors have the largest number of CPU cores. It helps in boosting the performance of your resource-heavy websites/applications.

10 Gbps Network

Network speed is vital to make your website run at a blazing-fast speed. For this, MilesWeb provides a data transfer speed of up to 10Gbps that hosts your website/applications without sacrificing performance.

SSL Encryption

For your website/application, MilesWeb offers an SSL certificate completely free. Any data passed to and from the server will get automatically encrypted. No attacker can access the information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet.

Full Root Access                                                        

With a dedicated server, you get root access that allows you to modify any file on the server. Also, you can do modifications to the server configurations, install and delete the applications you want to, take complete control of ports, etc. You even can transfer all your files to your dedicated server via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), using GoAnywhere SFTP.

No Setup Fees

For setting up the dedicated server, you don’t have to pay any extra charges. The dedicated support team of MilesWeb will take care of setting up your server at no additional cost as soon as the order is received. They make sure your dedicated server is set up quickly with fewer delays.

Unlimited Website Hosting

MilesWeb does not impose any restrictions on resource usage with its dedicated server plans. With this, you can host multiple websites within the resources allocated to you. The main benefit of hosting multiple websites under one dedicated server is that the maintenance becomes simple.


MilesWeb offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, high security with an SSL certificate, and everything you need to host a mission-critical website/application. Book your free trial with MilesWeb dedicated server and get started today!


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