Monthly SEO and Marketing Link Roundup, News and Updates

Monthly SEO and Marketing Link Roundup, News and Updates

What is a Link Roundup?

A link roundup is a collection of niche-specific blog posts that features insightful and valuable resources published by other bloggers. You can find these posts that are usually published on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis around particular topics virtually in every niche.

A link roundup must be a part of your overall white hat link-building strategy and tactic. It helps your website to attract people that are well known in your industry.

Carefully crafted link roundup posts are crucial to establishing authority and trust in your industry.

How to find link roundup opportunities

Google search operators are one of the best ways to find a roundup post. You can use the following syntax to find link roundup opportunities:

inurl:roundup “best blog posts” “niche”

inurl:roundup “experts” “niche”

inurl:roundup “updates” “niche”

inurl:roundup “news” “niche”

inurl:roundup “month” “niche”

inurl:roundup “week” “niche”

For example: To find an SEO link roundup you can use queries like

“seo” + “link roundup”

“seo” + intitle:roundup

“seo” + roundup

To increase the relevance and adjust your search also with the google search tool and set it to the past month, the past week or custom range, etc.

how to use google search tool
How to find link roundup opportunities

Link Roundup: SEO and Digital Marketing

The Year 2020

How to Create a Content Strategy Template

This post is written by James Brockbank MD of Digitaloft and published on SEMrush. He shows how you can create valuable content that is curated to achieve a specific goal. He explains the 8 step template for creating a content strategy.

Overcoming Blockers: How to Build Your Red Tape Toolkit

Heather Physioc is a Director, Discoverability at VMLY&R and she shares a very good approach in Moz’s Whiteboard Friday to implementing SEO recommendations based on building out a red tape toolkit.

Three uncommon on-page SEO analysis techniques

Matt Cayless is an SEO Director Bubblegum Search he writes a post at Search Engine Watch in which he shares 3 on-page SEO techniques that really helpful to move the needle.

Advantages of Having a Mobile Optimized Website

This article is written by Jenna Walter at where shares the benefits of having a mobile-optimized site.

Apple Maps Ratings: What’s New and What’s Next?

Stephanie Newton shares a post in which she talks about the Apple Maps will soon launch its own native rating system. She also explains how it will help to reduce map spam.

20 Technical SEO Tips to Rank Higher on Google [Infographic]

Mark Walker-Ford is Director at Red Web Design and he is the Contributor at He shared technical SEO tips in the form of an Infographic.

The Search Console Training lives on

Daniel Waisberg is the Search Advocate at Google, he now starting a new series about search console to give everyone a free resource.

Best Content Writing Tools for SEO in 2021

This interesting post was written by Megan Sell who is a digital content strategist and copy editor for

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

This post is from a digital marketing company in Nepal. They have explained the various advantages and disadvantages of using digital and traditional marketing methods.

Google: You Do Not Need To Switch Rel Nofollow To Rel Sponsored

Another update from Barry Schwartz is that you don’t need to worry about changing your link from nofollow to sponsored as a site owner.

The Year 2021

Core Web Vitals: The Ultimate Guide

This indepth article is on Core Web Vitals written by Steven van Vessum (VP of Community ContentKing) and Jessica Rangel (content marketer for ContentKing).

The Ultimate Guide to Page Experience

The page experience is a set of key factors that measure how users are interacting with each page. Read this article to know full details of page experience.


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