Is Digital Marketing Necessary During COVID-19?

Digital Marketing during Covid 19

With COVID-19 and the current lockdown throwing the world in limbo, many businesses and companies have started asking themselves one basic question – Do I need to invest in digital marketing now? Do I need to hire digital marketing company experts to help my business?

The gravity of the question lies in the fact that digital marketing is the future in terms of driving traffic for your website, boosting sales, helping your brand reach the right audience, and improve visibility. But it is a big decision whether to invest in an SEO company now, as consumer habits have changed this lockdown. Neither businesses nor consumers have a lot to spend on even the most basic necessities and several events are being canceled. With the current generation spending the majority of their time on the internet, it is getting harder to engage them and retain their attention.

Read on for a comprehensive list as to why the need to hire digital marketing company experts is more important now than ever before.

People Are Spending Most Of Their Time Online

People spend a majority of their day surfing social media, so the ideal digital marketing strategy would be to engage customers where they spend most of their time. It might be hard for businesses to change their operations, so the easiest way to make the most out of your budget would be to employ your operations on the right platforms. Even if businesses find it hard to acquire new customers, they can very well attempt to engage and retain their existing ones.

Be Prepared For The Aftermath Of The Pandemic

Keep in mind that the pandemic won’t last, but your customers will. The clients you acquire during the pandemic will outlast the lockdown and you should ensure you retain them. It doesn’t work if you leave your clients in the woods and ‘get back’ to them once everything is back to normal. Even clients who have no use for your products will decide to stay with your brand and recommend you to potential customers if you treat them well when they need comfort.

Create Ways To Stay On Their Minds

Some methods of digital marketing aren’t targeted towards making good sales. They are aimed at building long-lasting connections and trust. This enables brands and businesses to stay in people’s minds so they can approach you when they find a need for your products/services. Create positive and quality content that will outlast the pandemic and turn to an SEO company like Eon8 for wider reach.

Make Deeper Connections

Before seeing your customers as potential prospects, see them as human beings. Every human being values personal connections and especially during this dark hour, it would mean a lot to know someone cares. Something as simple as an engagement post asking someone what song they last listened to could make someone’s day!

Digital marketing is a versatile platform to connect with the audience personally and elicit experiences and emotions out of them. Share updates, events, resources, be sensitive and helpful with engaging or humorous content – your follower base will grow manifold in no time!

Go For Low Cost, High Yield

Don’t compromise on quality even if your budget is tight. Formats such as video, audio, infographics and GIFs are low cost solutions despite having wide reach. Enhance your online presence by improving your online sales and strengthening your website. Go for techniques such as remarketing, retargeting, product listing and so on. These techniques will not only increase organic search results but also draw customers to you through paid promotions.

Go Vocal For Local

Target location-based search results and clients. ‘Near me’ searches have grown very common among customers these days, as people are trying their best to not travel far. Especially if your business sells products sold directly to customers such as mobiles or stationery, customers prefer businesses in close proximity to them. Similarly, cater to the needs of a diverse and far-flung audience despite keeping your local circle of customers strong.

Influencer Marketing

Ever purchased a product simply because your favorite celebrity is endorsing it? Or because the YouTube beauty guru you idolize claims to be using a certain product every day as part of her skincare routine? Turns out that ideology applies to a vast audience! Making use of this mindset, offer free samples or products to influencers on social media or any other platform. Asking them to post images or videos tagging your product/wearing your product can greatly impact your brand visibility and draw customers to your business.

Whatever may be the case, digital marketing is here to stay and the need to hire digital marketing company teams to manage your business presence online is paramount. If you are planning to invest in a good SEO company, check out Eon8. With our priority being enhanced user experience and strategies being constantly updated to suit search engine algorithms, we are the top SEO company to trust during and after this pandemic.


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