5 Tips to Increase IG Follower Engagement Rates

engagement rates on Instagram - marketing tactics

When selecting influencers, brands will look for high engagement rates on Instagram. An engaging audience means your posts are of high quality, and your audience is genuinely interacting with them.

The goal of sponsored content for brands is to connect with their followers, attract customers, and get them to act. The more engaged you are, the more opportunities to collaborate with brands.

You have likely thought about increasing your Instagram followers and user engagement if you are a social media influencer, marketer, business owner, or simply trying to boost your profile online.

You can personally interact authentically with your followers, but let’s be honest here. Therefore, marketers are looking for ways to boost engagement on Instagram despite some challenges.

To ensure success in your high engagement rates on Instagram and protect your Instagram marketing tactics moving forward, we have compiled these 5 tips.

If this sounds of interest to you, be sure to thoroughly read through the resources and article content below.

1. Being consistent is important

If you want to boost your engagement rate, you shouldn’t ignore your followers. Engaging content will help you reach more of your followers, meaning they’ll interact more frequently with your posts.

You will lose engagement with your profile if you forget about your audience and leave them hanging for weeks.

Getting your content into a schedule and figuring out precisely how many to post each week is essential. Based on your workload, set weekly and monthly targets for yourself.

2. Research and use suitable hashtags

Utilizing hashtags can help you increase engagement, increase the number of people, and even get real Instagram followers who see your content, and expand your reach.

Add only relevant hashtags to your content and make the most of the few hashtags you have. Avoid using #stopmotion hashtags on time-lapse videos.

Use hashtags related to certain days of the year, such as #WorldFathersDay and #WorldMothersDay.

Using these tools will bring your content into conversations that are trending on social media and increase engagement. Research is also important. Be sure it’s a popular hashtag and that many people are using it.

Followers of the hashtag are another great sign that your audience is interested in your content. Additionally, check out what hashtags are trending in your space.

3. Engage your followers with your captions

You can engage your audience with an engaging caption to keep them on your post longer. You will connect further with your audience and increase their engagement by offering them the option to like, share, save, and comment.

Use emojis, capitalization, and extra space in the first line to grab attention. Provide short ‘how-to information in your captions to add value and give readers something to look forward to. Using dots will help your followers stay on track.

Toward the end of your caption, you might also consider asking a question to inspire your followers to join the conversation.

4. Publish engaging stories on your profile

Your audience can directly interact with your Instagram Story content with Instagram’s Story feature stickers. Using these stickers every week is a great way to increase engagement rates.

Polls, questions, countdowns, emoji sliders, and quiz stickers are useful tools that help drive attention and encourage audience interactions.

5. Remember to maintain your community

Your engagement will improve with community management. Your wider community will return the favor if you make an effort to interact with it.

Engaging your followers immediately after posting is also critical to determining how many other followers will see your post.

Following relevant creators, liking their posts, and responding to their stories will help you build an audience that is useful to you and your audience. Building an engaged community is possible when you share the love.

Instagram Follower Summary

It takes time and patience to grow your engagement rate. Don’t expect results overnight. With so many different Instagram growth methods out there, it’s important to take time to find the one that makes the most sense for your brand and budget.

However, as you experiment with various strategies, More brands will want to collaborate with you the more you see results. Keep track of your performance, too. Therefore, you will be able to boast about your success easier.


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