The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Conversions in 2021

Improve Your Conversions

Are you interested in increasing the conversion rate of your site and thus boosting your sales? Here are 12 simple techniques you can apply right now.

In order to increase the number of your customers, you have set up superb landing pages. And your conversions are starting to take off, but it still seems like your visitors are not making a lot of purchases, registrations, or other desired actions. So first of all, know that the average conversion rate is 3%. So don’t necessarily panic if you are at 2%.

However, many companies do not reach this number, today here are 12 techniques to try to boost your conversion rate.

1. Respect the path of conversion

First of all, the first tip is to create compelling CTAs to entice your visitors to take a specific action.

Then, you must optimize your landing page both in content and form.

To continue, double-check your forms as they shouldn’t be too long and include only the essential information you need to convert. For example, if you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter, you don’t need to put an “address” or “postcode” field. Just ask for their email address and possibly their first and/or last name.

Lastly, you need to have perfect thank you pages to spur new action from your newly converted prospect/customer.

 2. Facilitate the buying cycle

To encourage your visitors to take action, it is essential to facilitate the process. Whether signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, or downloading a white paper, the process should be as simple and intuitive as possible.

A long purchase tunnel will discourage your Internet users, whereas if it is short, the purchase will be done quickly. You must therefore reduce the sales cycle by reducing the number of pages.

Another technique is to ask Internet users for email as soon as possible or to offer them a registration with their Facebook or Twitter account rather than creating one.

 3. Take care of the design and ergonomics of your website

It is important to pay attention to the design of your site and that it respects the rules of ergonomics.

You must optimize the loading time of all your website pages. Indeed, reducing the speed of your website allows for an optimal user experience.

Then, your site must be adapted to tablets and smartphones by offering a responsive or even mobile version. Nowadays, mobile browsing has a key place and therefore a website offering a pleasant experience on all media can generate more conversions.

 4. Optimize your content

Improving the product sheets of your flagship products or services allows you to offer relevant content that responds to Internet users’ searches and also to satisfy search engines.

To do this, you must insert keywords and offer content that matches the needs of your targets and the stage of the purchase journey in which they are.

It is essential to personalize your content according to your prospects. For example, targeting your calls to action results in 42% more conversion.

Optimizing your content will increase your conversions. The proof for one of our customers: we were in charge of rewriting its contents and consequently, its requests for documentation on a product increased by 80%.

 5. Build confidence

To push your visitors to action, you need to reassure them and be as credible as possible in their eyes. For them to be confident, several solutions are possible: logos of your partners, your customers, your labels, secure payment, testimonials, FAQ, “satisfied and refunded” guarantee …

 6. Highlight your promotional offers

Who likes to have freebies and feel like they’re getting a good deal? The answer is “everyone”. Therefore, to best satisfy your prospects, offer them a reduction or a consideration: free trial, free guide, free delivery …

Your home page, your sales pages, and your thank you pages are the ideal places to highlight your offers and thus boost your conversion rate.

7. Offer other products/services

When Internet users have visited a page on your e-commerce site or added a product to their basket, you can present them with others in order to generate new conversions.

Suggest higher-end products or services to them (this is called up-selling) or offer them complementary products (cross-selling). These two sales techniques allow you to increase your average basket in order to increase your turnover.

 8. Humanize your site

Making your website more human is important for easy conversion. To do this, put your email ID and phone number. If possible, insert a click to chat that will allow your visitors to have permanent contact with your company.

 9. Retarget

One trick to improving your conversions is to retarget people who have visited your site and expose your ads to them when they browse on Google or on social networks. Remarketing must be set up in your Adwords account.

This web marketing technique has several advantages including facilitating the conversion of your visitors into prospects or customers.

 10. Do marketing automation

Automating your marketing actions offers several advantages, including improving your conversions by up to 160% more than your competitors.

You can automate certain tasks such as relaunching by email following a cart abandonment or not downloading an ebook.

 11. Measure the conversion results

An essential step is to follow and analyze the results with a Web Analysis solution like Google Analytics. This lets you know where your users are leaving the funnel. At each stage of the conversion funnel, you need to measure the conversion rate.

Also, carry out a “heat map” or heat map in order to detect the areas most flown over and clicked on each page of your site.

 12. Test everything

Our final tip is to perform A / B testing of your site. Whether it’s your CTAs, your sales pages, your thank you pages … they need to be tested. Carry out several tests with different colors, texts, locations to know their performance and see which elements most encourage Internet users to take action.


You have arrived at the end of your reading! Now you know the 12 techniques to increase your conversion rate. Ready to put them into practice?

Of course, you may prefer to be accompanied by a professional for this. Web marketing agencies will be happy to help you improve your conversions.


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