How to Master Youtube SEO and Gain Subscribers

Youtube SEO
Youtube SEO

The change times in the recent past have indicated that people prefer interactive video content to lengthy text posts. A university study recently has reported that a massive 60% of executives tend to consume video content rather than read multiple pages of text. This essentially indicates that people can expect rewarding benefits from YouTube SEO. Some of those include: 

  • Increased Watch Time
  • Broader Brand Awareness
  • More Sales And Leads

According to the experts, popular meta-search engines such as Google and YouTube employ a similar strategy in their algorithms for video ranking. Their primary motivation is to provide the audience with the highest satisfying and premium experience possible. 

If you are a first-timer, you must realize that Google has actively combined YouTube video search results with their meta-search results to help visitors have a seamless and simplified experience.

YouTube SEO Tips to Land High In Search Results

People can now marry their SEO efforts with video strategies to promote their business on YouTube in a simple yet dynamic way. This is helping the creators to improve their video watch time, thereby grabbing the watcher’s attention. This can essentially have long-term ramifications, such as in their YouTube remarketing. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of top steps that can help you improve your YouTube SEO to drive more traffic.

1. Pick Your Keywords Wisely

First-timer or not, you must realize that SERP is killing the online game. In simple terms, SERP is taking significant strides with each passing month, making it incredibly competitive as a tool for the users in the community. 

There’s no denying that any new kid on the block is essentially aiming for the top spots. Hence it would be best if you ideally considered diversifying your tropes and approaches to gain an edge. You must effectively consider keyword research – you should ideally choose keywords that can help you achieve volume but are less competitive.

2. Use Keywords in Your Video Title

Right at the beginning, you must attempt to understand your audience’s search intent. Detailed research will help you realize that the most specific search intent includes commercial, informational, navigational, and transactional. Hence you must primarily try aligning your video with the purpose of your customer. This can necessarily benefit you in achieving big numbers in search results.

Additionally, you must also have a detailed comprehension of why you want to create videos for YouTube. Furthermore, you may also have a telepathic understanding of your YouTube audience. Supposedly, if you are making a product review video, you must ideally consider using the product name in both title and description. This may come off as an ordinary or underwhelming tip; however countless YouTube channels ignore this step.

3. Contain the Keyword in Your Video 

Again, this looks exceptionally ordinary and clichéd but packs a punch with its impact. As per the experts, YouTube most likely uses this as one of their ranking factors for listing your videos in their search results. Suppose your video contains the target keyword in its title or even in the description. In that case, your video will have a significant chance of getting a top rank— and quite expectedly, your video will have a greater chance of achieving more search volume. 

YouTube uses the title name of each video to determine its relevance. Hence it would be best if you know how to make YouTube videos and choose target keywords, and appropriate file names for your video to get satisfying viewership. 

4. Optimize Your YouTube Video Description

This is arguably the most underrated yet effective tip for mastering SEO on YouTube. The video streaming search engine responds positively to videos that have optimized descriptions. It’s essential to mention that YouTube constantly monitors and evaluates any change or updated video elements— this essentially includes subtitles, closed captions, video descriptions, and video thumbnails. 

As per the experts, you must constantly push the most relevant and essential keywords in the initial sentences of your description. Moreover, you should try keeping your report within 200 words. It would be best if you ideally put an insightful explanation. 

Then again, many are unaware that YouTube itself has some incredible resources on the YouTube Creator Studio. One can consider it a resource routinely updated by the platform to keep up with the most trending and current information. You can follow their suggested steps to develop successful video descriptions. 

5. Try Video Hashtags To Boost Search Results

You must realize that hashtags (#) have become a handy tool to find content that answers your questions across social media. This is why YouTube is now encouraging creators to use related hashtags (#) in video descriptions. This primarily intends to assist viewers in finding your video when looking up a particular hashtag.

It’s necessary to mention that hashtags boost your visibility in search results- this is since they have a close-functioning relationship with trends. As soon as you put a hashtag to the video description, your video will feature the hashtag on the top, essentially becoming a hyperlink. Additionally, you must also realize that placing the hashtags strategically can influence your returns significantly.

6. Select a Video Category

Though not a popular preference, you can search for a particular video by using the advanced options on YouTube as well. This is where you must choose your preferred categories to filter out the irrelevant content and get a precise search result. 

This is why you must ideally contextualize your video with relevant categories when uploading them. This will essentially help you with superior visibility in the search results. YouTube already has a bagful of category options to help the audience. This means you will most definitely find your category option when uploading the video on the platform.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that diligent and detailed research can help you master YouTube SEO and gain subscribers. Moreover, it would be best if you kept your concentration on improving the quality of your videos. 

This will help you to strengthen your content portfolio further. It would be best to remember that helpful content always pays back the content creator on YouTube- often literally.


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