How to Hire a Ghostwriter You Actually Trust in 5 Simple Steps

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Whether it’s your school assignment due for tomorrow or an office presentation next week, jotting down important information is a nerve-racking process. However, the next step to do it is super easy – you hire a ghostwriter. Over the years, the course of writing has changed dramatically with the growth of diversified writing materials. Hence, it’s not easy pickings to employ a suitable applicant that meets your expectations.

Today, millions of remote cowriters work explicitly for a selected number of subjects (niches). At the 360 Ghost Writing platform, you enter a gateway where thousands of writers are ready to provide you with extensive writing fortes.

Nevertheless, there are certain standards you need to keep up with when hiring a ghostwriter that you’ve never met in your lifetime. Here are 5 easy steps you need to take when hiring a ghostwriter that hits the bullseye.

1. Discuss the Writing Process

First, communicate with your aspiring ghostwriter and evaluate traces of his writing style. Proceed further, and talk with your writer about drafts he or she will provide you before proceeding with the actual work. It all depends on the type of paperwork you require.

Moreover, make sure that the writer possesses ingenuity in his writing to a certain extent. Mind-numbing choice of words and phrases will affect the readers, and they’ll leave it before they even start. Make sure the ghostwriter is well-versed in varied writing formats such as scholarly reports, thesis, articles, blogs, press releases, e-books, transcripts, etc.

2. Analyze Ghostwriter’s Portfolio

Nowadays, even a dotted down a little ‘About Me,’ Education, Past Career experiences, Certifications, and standpoint skills in a CV don’t make it stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, a portfolio needs to be an “award-winning” prospect. Versatility has become the norm, and portfolios are the best finesse in this regard.

However, previously written sample links are a must-have in the collection, so don’t ignore these write-ups out of excitement. In a ghostwriter’s portfolio today; in 2021 you should be able to read his Instagram-worthy biography, social media links, call-to-action “blogs,” LinkedIn leads, or “co-authored collaborations” — these will definitely be the real deal. Hire collaborative writers ASAP!

3. Evaluate your Ghost’s Skills and Potential

After addressing the portfolio, you need to take a detour of your writer’s skillset without breaking back. Make sure the ghostwriter has everything you desire to satiate your word’s work to a whole new level of inventiveness. The writer you’re considering hiring should have a clear choice of words, the intelligibility of phrases used, and a strong grip to behold the reader’s mind. In short, it blows away avid readers with incomprehensible curiosity.

4. E-Business Marketplace oriented

If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter for your business ventures, it’s about the time when your E-commerce edification comes into play. The writer should be a wise individual that knows how to optimize your content for better conversions, revamps, higher SE (Google) rankings, and increases organic traffic on your website.

Furthermore, the writers have proper knowledge of keyword research and optimization. He progresses with an A-list of long-tail supporting keywords preset with user search habits. In addition, link building, meta details, CMS management, and guest posting are a few pluses your ghostwriter should possess to up your E-commerce game.

5. Ghostwriter hiring Prerequisites

A few other credentials a professional ghostwriter should incorporate are timely availability, project schedule timetable plans, and outlines of your work. As well, the individual tones up the writing style with your selling voice check your rough draft and agrees to reformat where needed.

The preconditions also include vigilant levels of the writer that never misses important points on your proposal, is open to different writing techniques, and is open to unprecedented writing challenges.


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