How Compatible Are Direct Mail and Digital Marketing?

Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

For recruiting and converting customers, direct mail marketing is an effective technique. Mail marketing efforts have helped numerous firms get into their potential customers’ homes thanks to years of use behind them.

However, as the world has gone digital, direct mail marketing has lost ground. Less activity has been seen, and much attention has been paid to internet marketing, social media, and advertising. However, owners of businesses are missing a trick due to this transition.

Combining direct mail marketing operations with digital marketing initiatives has several advantages. This combination maximizes the value of direct mail marketing by expanding target audiences, enhancing customer loyalty, raising response rates, and raising brand exposure.

Here are the specifics of how direct mail marketing and internet marketing complement and the main advantages many firms are currently overlooking. Contact our PSC Systems team for our specialized direct mail marketing and fulfillment services if you want to add value to your overall marketing plan.

Why are direct mail and internet marketing effective together?

A broad category is that of digital marketing. Email paid search, social networking, SEO, advertising, and more are all included.

Although it is a little more specific—all mail delivered to your actual mailbox—direct mail marketing may be carried out in several ways. Consider writing letters, postcards, catalogs, and coupons.

Direct mail isn’t the only marketing method that shouldn’t operate in isolation. Fewer marketers have successfully combined direct mail with their digital marketing plan, even though marketers have gotten the knack of combining all these digital strategies into a single coherent marketing approach. However, using direct mail strengthens the effectiveness of your whole marketing plan and creates additional opportunities for generating, retargeting, and retaining prospects.

Digital marketing and direct mail marketing

Here are a few ideas for combining direct mail marketing with internet marketing duties.

Ads on the internet

Direct mail marketing initiatives, from social media advertisements to display ads, may be integrated into your overall marketing plan. Plan for your explicit mail material to appear before your internet adverts. You may boost brand exposure and relatability by regularly building a timetable that customers follow.

Each touch point target audience will boost their engagement and chance of becoming customers. Create a strategy schedule including digital marketing strategies and direct mail material to mix those touch points.

You’ll also be able to track click-through rates to see who is interested in your product.

Email promotion

Email marketing methods, like digital advertisements, may work in tandem with direct mail initiatives. However, you may use, in this case, you may use an opt-in mailing list to deliver digital and physical mail advertising parity to target more consumers; creating a timetable will help remind them of your service. Combining exclusive email offers with your mailing services creates a more personalized engagement experience.

QR codes are barcodes

QR codes are an excellent technique to promote interaction and generate visitors to your website. This marketing strategy may be employed throughout your direct mail marketing efforts to provide customers with an immersive customer experience.

Combining conventional and digital marketing approaches can improve the overall experience while increasing curiosity. For example, consider announcing on social media that your mailing list will get mail with exclusive, breaking news. Placing QR codes within your email content can then direct recipients to a landing page on your website where they can learn more about the unique information. This will increase mailing list signups and response rates.

Many businesses are overlooking this incredibly efficient combination of marketing methods. Use your imagination when combining direct mail marketing and internet marketing methods.

Incorporate Informed Delivery into Your Direct Mail Strategy

The United States Postal Service’s new multichannel marketing option assists small companies in bridging the gap between print and internet marketing to achieve results.

By allowing individuals to see their mail before it is delivered to their mailbox, Informed Delivery enables an integrated marketing approach to match current consumer demand. Customers who sign up for the free service will receive an email, online dashboard, or mobile app with a scanned image of the outside of the direct mailer. This enables firms to benefit from both physical mail and a digital experience.

This service opens up new opportunities for businesses to be innovative. And it’s not only about a scanned image in an email. You have the option of using interactive campaigns and bespoke photographs, which may make your company stand out from the crowd.


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