Using Twitter For Lead Generation: A Simple Yet Effective Guide

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Twitter is one of the most well-known and celebrated social media platforms. It is a spot for amusement and fun; you can easily connect with your friends and family members. Twitter is not only an entertaining stage but also for commercial purposes too. You can catch sight of plenty of business owners and markets on Twitter to develop their business in every aspect. The prime goal of every business person is to boost their lead generation naturally. However, it’s not an easy task; in this competitive world, you can act smartly to market your business effectively.

This article will visit specific essential steps and tips to run your lead generation marketing effectively. 

Identify Who Is Your Customers

Before you begin your marketing strategies, you have to fix and spot your target audience for your business. Sure, you will not target everybody on the Twitter right, relying on your business, you have to decide your potential customer. Once you have a clear-cut vision about your focused audience. Next, target them with your marketing strategies.

Put Up Your Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is one of the essential steps you have to set up on Twitter. Without conversion tracking, you are partially sighted. Before setting up conversion tracking, did you know what conversion tracking is? Using conversion tracking, you are allowed to evaluate your return on ad spend by following the audience’s action once they visit or engage with your ad. If you are done with your conversion tracking set up, you can track the cross-device conversion.

Primary Steps To Set Up Conversion Tracking

  • The first step is that you have to choose your website tag; you will be provided with two option
  • Next, generate and install your website tag
  • It would be best if you created conversion events

Pick-Out The Twitter Ad Campaign Type

Twitter offers you six pay-per-performance campaign types; you have to pick depending on your intention and marketing strategies. The following are the Twitter ads type:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends
  • Promoted Moments
  • Automated Ads

Steps To Advertise On Twitter

  • Create your Twitter ads account
  • You have to choose your objective depending on your goal; you have three options: awareness, consideration, conversion.
  • Once you select your objective, the next payment method will appear, in that you have to select your budgets and other queries related to payments.
  • Set up ad group and bidding
  • Select your target audience
  • Choose ad placements
  • Finally, launch your campaign

Reframe Your Twitter Ad Targeting Option

In the beginning, you will target your audience based on superficial factors like location, gender, language. But Twitter offers you to use the advanced options:

Keywords: You will keep track of particular searches or audiences who use specific set keywords in the tweets.

Followers: Here, you can follow the accounts which are more interested in your business

Tailoring Audience: It is one of the best strategies; tailored audiences say the excellent ROI. The audience who is more fond of your brand will have more chances to buy your brand.

Tv Targeting: In this option, you can focus on the people engaged with particular tv shows, tv networks, and genre.

Behaviors: You will follow people who give their offline and online behaviors and traits.

Tweet Engager: It is a new option in the advanced settings; you can track the people who are engaged with your recent tweets for the past few days. This type of targeting will help you to get a focused audience. It’s like a remarketing method, which gains massive Twitter views, and you can also get attention from the people quickly.

Event Targeting: Depending on the specific global or regional events, you can focus on the people.

Create Your Lead Generation Ad

Either you can Twitter lead generation card, which Twitter offers, or create your lead generation ad since people feel annoyed or ignored visiting the Twitter ads. Rather than, you can make regular tweets with hilarious images, memes, emojis. Always people love to see brands with funny ways of representation. For choosing the bidding option for Twitter ads, you have two options: automatic bidding and maximum bidding. Always prefer to pick the maximum bidding option; it will drain your full amount. If it’s very much needed, then you can choose automatic bidding. You can use automatic bidding when you are focusing on the target audience heavily, or within a short time, you have to get an impression.

Powerful Strategies To Use Twitter For Your Lead Generation

Publish Informative Contents

The research study shows that more than 74% of Twitter users are looking forward to knowing the trendy and newsworthy content. This reveals what type of content will get the most engagement among your audience.

For this, you can run your own roundups, statistics, insights. It is best to create your own campaign research and build original content rather than third-party resources. Wrapped with unique data, you can gain people’s attention to your news content. If people liked your style of content, then continue to publish regularly.

Engage With Your Twitter Community

Twitter keeps on updating news, content, brands, and other exciting factors. It acts as provisioning a community for the people to engage with it. Here the word community matters; building a good relationship with your audience is an effective marketing strategy to increase your lead generation.

Creating genuine interaction and connection with your audience is very important. You can build a strong Twitter community by engaging with your industry experts, leaders, and following their followers. Try to resolve the followers’ problems, answer their questions and other industry-related questions when you spot them immediately. In this way, you can healthily build your community.

Discover Your Keywords And Answer Question

On Twitter, you can give your answers to the questions which are related to your field. First, to answer all those industry questions, try to find the keywords related to your business industry. It helps to improve your lead generation count. By answering the question, you can get many connections, contact with a lot of people.

Maximize Your Click-Through Rates

It isn’t easy to measure which tweets have the power to increase your lead generation. Generally, tweets with maximum click-through rates will provide more exposure to your brand. So social media traffic will convert into your lead generations.

You can raise your click rates by adding impressive pictures and videos since multimedia content receives more engagement than normal tweets. You can add hashtags with one or two numbers with trending topics. You can also add links to valuable free resources to boost your click rates.

Publish Frequently

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It is mandatory to post frequently because the lifetime of a tweet is nearly 20 minutes. To catch your audience, you can share your recent blog post. If someone clicks your blog, that way you can collect their email address. You can follow the same to convert into leads. You can gain instant engagement by asking questions to your audience. Remember to ask interesting and funny questions so that users can interact with you quickly. While asking a question, keep in mind that your question must influence your brand directly or indirectly. Publish different kinds of content to make the audience engaged and interested.

Try Direct Message Cards

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If you have a sustainable number of followers on Twitter, direct message cards will be an excellent fit to construct leads. If you have the idea to use direct message cards, you must be a Twitter advertiser; first, you should input your credit card details. These ads will help Twitter’s efforts to move away from lead generation campaigns and influence the advertisers to use Twitter. This will be precisely the best in some areas.

Partner With Influencer Marketing

Influencers have the magical power to provide brand exposure and strengthen your engagement rate; they also help to enrich your sales rate. They will bring your focused content in front of a massive group audience. Influencer marketing is only trending but also fruitful to reach your intention.

While choosing influencers for your business, make sure they belong to your field with enough engagement rate. Another critical factor is to check their audience is your target audience. Provide maximum freedom to make themselves better to decide content for your account. Connect with them properly; let them know your goals and objectives you want to achieve.

Connect With Your Promoters

Whenever you find someone who shares your content or mentions your brand, account name, try to get attached to them. They like your tweets or retweets your tweets; at least they respond to your action right! Then appreciate their efforts, thank them. They may be the reason for a little spark, but sometimes you can receive higher engagement through their action.

Decide Your Landing Page Wisely

Though Twitter helps to provide you a click rate, the perfect landing page only will help to convert your visitors as your potential customers. Your landing page must attract your audience’s sight. Make sure you are giving more informative data with impressive pictures on your landing page. On the other hand, you can use tools to create optimized landing pages.


Twitter is the perfect fit for business owners who want to uplift their lead generation. Marketing the right strategies is significant to success in lead generation campaigns. To obtain a lot of sales, you can either use Twitter ads or use organic methods to increase the engagement rate; you can raise your lead generation.


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