Future of Social Media Marketing: Latest trends You Must Know

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You think of it, you search for it and you buy it. Yes, with Social Media Marketing it is possible, social media marketing has emerged as a powerful tool of digital marketing. Not only purchasing but also increasing brand awareness, making an instant purchase, easy communication, users’ feedback and many more are the key benefits of social media marketing.

Being attentive in social media is important in order to know your customer behavior towards your brand, engage with the audience, and provide valuable content. For over a decade social media is into action and because of that more audience is being targeted which was not possible with traditional marketing practices.

The future of social media has become so powerful that it is a part of every marketer’s marketing mix, companies use social media to reach people, promoting their services and products. Businesses can run just by depending on the social media pages, and at the same time use social media components for their website to generate leads and connect easily. 

Easy access to the internet has increased the number of social media users, about 4.66 billion people have internet access and 3.81 are active on social media for the future of social media marketing one should take the business to social media. 

Social media helps in targeting audiences better with different demographics, cultures, religions, and places. Filters in these social media platforms let you search on a finer level. At a very reasonable price, social media yield high ROI just by making your business page or account. 

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Targets a huge audience than general marketing and increases brand awareness.
  • An accurate SMM strategy can cause communication about the brand.  
  • The website and pages of the businesses have more inbound traffic.  
  • Increase search engine rankings of the website by SEO performances.
  • Increased visibility increases the lead conversation rate. 
  • Feedback connects business and their audiences. 
  • Real-time customer services are provided by companies through social media.
  • Brand authority increases through good customer service.
  • Cost-effective approach, which enables start-ups to start from scratch. 
  • Competitor analysis and customer response allow deep market insights.

What is the future of social media? 

Social media will definitely take your business to new peaks and make way for your business to come up in the market. There are some future social media trends enlisted below that might change your scenario of working on social media.

Latest Trends on Social Media

Live Streaming:

Live-streaming is the ongoing video communicated via social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or some other social media viable with this element. Presently individuals are utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch to go live and this emerges as a social media marketing trend. Live-streaming permits you to pass on many sorts of messages and substance, such as working together, live inquiry and answer meetings, product or service tutorials, and numerous different exercises. The pattern of going live from online media is turning out to be extremely famous in the expert world.

Girl is using video Live Streaming

This is on the grounds that live video permits organizations to connect with clients on a more profound level if an actual physical barrier isolates them. Live-streaming gives opportunities to the crowd to bond with the brand.

For some performers, their shows went on live-streaming rather than occurring in an open region. For better amusement and experience, many brands are acquiring famous people. Brands are likewise doing live visits with their crowds to identify with them on an individual level.

Stories for Grabbing Attention:

Social media’s method of storytelling is brought out by the Stories choice. Individuals use it to add photographs, video, or composed content. Individuals can likewise use labels, emojis. The best thing about stories is they last just 24 hours of posting it, and it is regularly transferred through a mobile gadget. 62% of individuals are keener on a business in the wake of seeing their accounts.

More attractive elements that businesses and clients are effectively utilizing in their accounts are questions and answers, surveys and, quizzes. Instagram stories likewise got the choice to add music, which makes the accounts more innovative. Story promotions are likewise upgrading the storytelling force of the business. Stories have become a huge trend in social media in recent years alone Instagram is attracting 400 million users daily.

Chatbot Communication:

Chatbots are computerized tools for improvising communication. Organizations can utilize it to improve their client experience and fulfillment. It assists with creating deals and building a more profound relationship with clients. Chatbots assist your business by speaking with clients through stimulating discussions. 90% of organizations consented to fast resolve complaints with chatbots. 

Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are exceptionally utilized for client communication; chatbots assume a tremendous part in answering them on this online platform. With regards to inquiries concerning a product or services, an imminent client doesn’t prefer to stand by over an hour for an answer. Therefore, they lose interest in purchasing that item or that brand. Chatbot’s prompt reaction can save businesses from the awfulness of losing clients. 

Video Streaming:

By checking the popularity that video content has acquired we can see a greater amount of this idea being applied. Visuals are extraordinary tools that can be utilized to give constant data about the quality and working of the item or administration in thought. 

Video content can be used to pass on any sort of message. Consequently, more organizations are making way for making video content as it is an incredible method for catching individuals’ eyes and keeping them snared to the screen.  With utilizing pictures there is consistently a chance of buyers that the item doesn’t resemble the photos however with video content advertisers can utilize pinpointed substance with the assistance of circumstances in which the item plays out, this has ended up being a more prominent method for acquiring the trust.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing image

Influencer marketing works since it utilizes strategies like word-of-mouth and social evidence, which are currently basic parts of any fruitful marketing strategy. Clients trust their companions, peers, and individuals they respect more than the organizations selling the items and services they purchase and use.

Social media influencers are renowned on social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, and are trailed by thousands or even a great many individuals. Social media influencers share content with regards to a wide scope of points like wellbeing, exercises, vehicles, diet, open-air exercises, travel, style, craftsmanship, magnificence, and inside plan.

Social Media as Shopping Channel:

Facebook and Instagram made everyone shocked by introducing shopping elements to their applications, similar to the e-commerce business websites. With these highlights, clients can purchase items simply from Facebook or Instagram applications without leaving the application they are utilizing.

The shoppable posts that organizations can use to show their items alongside cost and detail, what’s more, that too in online media like Facebook and Instagram was a huge step. It expands the client experience for online media customers.

Higher aggregate utilization of social media was identified with an improved probability of purchasing items on the internet. Added to this, examples of internet shopping were diverse for the individuals who invested more energy in web-based media. The more extended the members spent via social media, the more prominent the assortment and volume of items they purchased, and the more probable these items were ‘impulse purchase’ items.

Interactive Games and Quizzes:

The expanded potential to stand out and drive brand engagement that interactivity can offer is a compelling justification for advertisers to add tests, appraisals, customization devices, games, and other participative highlights to their promoting arsenals.

It produces basic audience information. For buyers to tweak their interactions with your intuitive contributions, they ordinarily need to share a little familiar data, along these lines giving further bits of knowledge on their necessities, interests, and inclinations that your business may never have acquired utilizing more passive content techniques. By planning intuitive activities advertisers have had the option to effectively produce purchaser interest as the tests present the chance for shoppers to ponder themselves.

Authenticity and Transparency:

Make your brand vulnerable by making it authentic and transparent, there should be a personal story of each brand people are more empathic towards brands’ stories and stand for a cause.  There should be something unique in your brand so that it stands out. Businesses should talk more about their values and beliefs rather than services and products, in order to do so, brands should make more videos and talk about value goals and touch people. Personally, connecting and communicating make a good impression and impacts last long in people’s minds.


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