8 Best Explainer Video Trends (2022)

Explainer Video Trends

Trends come and go. They tend to change with time. Every year many new trends arrive that supersede the old ones. It is necessary to keep up with the changing trends and adopt them in your business marketing strategy in the video design industry. When we talk about videos, they are excellent modes of entertainment for customers.

People love watching videos and get inspired by them quickly. Videos attract the audience and profoundly impact their minds and senses to remember them forever. They become eternal memories for people and are difficult to forget for life. Videos are also ideal platforms for spreading a wealth of knowledge to the target audience. They provide a valuable source of information to the viewers and show them a powerful impression that lasts forever. Among various video formats, explainer videos hold tremendous value among viewers. They are explainers because they explain a detailed description of a business, brand, product, and service.

Many companies are unable to make people understand their products and need short brief video content to provide an easy understanding of complex brand items. Explainer videos are particular kinds of videos exclusively designed to explain a business’s basic and central idea to the audience. Companies use explainer video animation services to advertise their products and increase conversions. They are simple and interactive videos to engage visitors and compel them to buy your brands.

Following are the best explainer video trends for 2022:

1. Animated Explainer Videos

They are highly compelling to the audience. Animated videos use the original idea of animation to grab customers’ attention. These videos have a massive demand among businesses and individuals to use them for marketing purposes. Most technology-based companies use animated explainer videos to showcase their products to clients.

Animated videos have two essential components of 2D and 3D that offer a two and three-dimensional product view to the target audience. They give them a dynamic 360-degree view to glance at the products from various angles. Animated videos offer an easy pitch to customers that profoundly impact them and influence their buying decision.

2. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Creating whiteboard animation videos is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses to portray their brands effectively. They are different from other explainer videos because of a hand sketch. A hand drawing makes whiteboard animation extremely popular among the target audience. It shows originality, simplicity, and creativity to simplify and beautify the complex design for customers. Using a physical hand drawing approach gives a clear picture of your business and better explains the products and services. It is a traditional and classic practice that will never fade out and remain forever. Whiteboard animation offers cost-effective and imaginative solutions that catch the immediate attention of customers.

3. Liquid Motion Video

It is the most modern trend that revolutionizes the video industry and broadens the vision of businesses to aspire for innovation. It is an admirable trend among organizations to hire designers that use their creative excellence to design a video. Liquid motion video inspires viewers with its glossy videos that give a fluid object display to engage the audience.

It keeps viewers engaged with a video and hooks them to their screens. Viewers develop an interest and curiosity to watch the next scene in a video and feel excited to watch till the end. Liquid motion is an expensive video creation technique that involves the immense technical expertise of designers.

4. Educational Videos

Learning never stops. It begins with childhood age that continues throughout the entire life. Educational videos are excellent resources for providing original and remarkable information to viewers. They are ideal for spreading the word of knowledge to the audience.

Creating educational videos is a new rising trend today. They provide a new way of educating people using online digital classes. It makes it easier for students to interact with their mentors and understand their subjects easily. For businesses, educational videos are ideal for providing genuine information to customers and conveying the right message.

5. Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality videos are becoming a household name in a video animation. They are popular for the innovative footage that mesmerizes the audience and gives them a real feeling. It has a rising trend among customers that immerse them in a video and build a strong interaction. AR videos provide a real-time visual experience to customers. They deliver marvelous results to businesses and accomplish their overall marketing objectives.

6. Mobile-Friendly Explainer Videos

Today is an era of mobile. The growing demand for smartphones indicates the importance of mobile-friendly videos. People watch mobile videos tremendously and use their smartphones and tablets to download videos online.

The ratio of mobile users is on the rise and is expected to show exceeding growth in the coming future. Mobile video optimization is a new trend for businesses to showcase their brands and advertise their products to customers. It gives a boom in traffic and conversion with an increase in revenue and profit.

7. Grainy Texture Video

It is a new addition to the field of video animation. The popularity of grainy texture videos is continuously increasing due to the rise in digital advertisements. It boosts engagement and attraction to your video and makes it more stylish. Adding a grainy texture to your video gives it a realistic feel and enhances the view of your digital illustration. It captivates the attention of customers and extends their stay for longer.

8. Narrative Explainer Video

Storytelling is a traditional idea of lulling babies to sleep. Parents narrated fabricated stories to children to have a sound sleep. Video storytelling derived the same conventional idea to narrate success stories to convey a purposeful message to customers.


Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the best explainer video trends for 2022. These trends offer an ideal approach for businesses to promote their brands to their customers. It enhances the sense of creativity and originality to brainstorm unique ideas and bring them into action. The demand for explainer videos is rising, and businesses adopt them into their marketing strategies to achieve successful results.


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