12 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Use in 2022 to Boost Your Business

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas


Traditional methods have always remained relevant. No matter how the time flies, how advanced we get.

The old methods hold some special place. Even in our daily life, we do it. Referring to old-school tricks is every person’s hallmark.

Here the mail marketing has somewhere got hidden under the digital marketing ideas. But yet it remains effective.

So, here we have put down some mail marketing ideas that could bring in customers.

1) While addressing a direct mail put in URLs

We often don’t remember long addresses. We are at least interested in keeping them in our minds. Therefore codes and URLs help in this case. The regulations will help find your lead. There will be a robust increase this way in the leaders of the page. Considering tiny URLs is gonna be effective.

2) Postcard

Yes! You read suitable postcards. The oldest method of reaching information. It is the most convenient mail marketing idea.

The information included should be relevant. If you want, you can design the card for satisfactory results.

When a letter is sent, the address, phone number, and other details are put.

One needs to do the exact thing on the postcard. Write the address, contact details, etc. So that the receiver can respond to the post.

3) Brochure mail

Unique things get a hold of attention quickly. Simply dropping a letter could let the reader skip it for the later part of the day.

Send a brochure with colors and extensive writing; they will allow the reader to open the mail at once.

These are done with oversized mails too. But having spoken about brochure mails, go for it.

One benefit of using brochure mail is that it gives extra space. The length breadth allows one to fill in unending information.

So, nothing gets missed, and mail marketing also takes place.

4) Reward new customers

The new customers will get drawn if you give them something. The brand you’re marketing sends a free product to each that comes new.

This will leave an impression on them. The brand will get introduced, the information conveyed will also stay in their mind.

There is a possibility that new customers can bring in more customers. The referral link will be used to grab their attention if you are good enough.

5) When a mail is posted, inside the wrapper send some gifts

The interest of the customer increases when he gets small gifts. The receiver receives the mail and finds some small cute items.

It will make them feel good. The gifts could be falsely plated, replicating the product. 

Few mail marketing drives have used this method to attain success.

6) Creativity

Try customizing the postcard. Any kind of creative stuff will help.

Add extra flowery colors, some scented pens, make your brand batches. 

These are to mesmerize the audience. Even though Incrementors give local SEO marketing services

 Even though they hit high-cost levels. But they will bring in more customers.  

7) Scratch coupons

As a customer from personal experience, coupons are exciting. The scratching of the voucher with awaiting rewards is fascinating.

While sending your mail, inside the envelope, provide coupons. The audience is sure to love you. The vouchers with a further expiry and another will have a new renewal date.

Two coupons and the customers are yours.

8) Every door direct mail

Target the area, and send postal cards at the door. Some customers in remote areas don’t get access to extra grievances.

Would appreciate this gesture. The door mail would give them a sense of delight. Apply zip codes and fulfill this marketing.

9) Give items associated with your brand

While utilizing marketing ideas give special items.

Suppose a new bag company sends a mail post home. They attach small handmade paper bags.

They look so adorable that they make you want to buy them. These leads will be remembered. While they are discussing your product with their known ones.

10) Catalogues

Tabulates or pamphlets leave lasting effects. Even if they are lying in your house someday, they surely come into use. The samples build your brand. Which in turn upgrades sales and leads for marketing.

11) Incorporate Bold designs

The post mail must stand out when they draw complete attention. The bold ideas will help do this, for they will be visible and read-worthy. The more tempting your brochure or mail is, the more people get attracted.

Good Designs will cause people to like your mail. They will go around looking for more information about you.

12) Memo stamp

Writing with your hands consumes time. Nevertheless, it creates an impact on the audience. Someone reading your handwriting will want to connect with you.

Give a handwritten note along with your postcard. It is sure to touch the reader’s sense of emotion.


Direct mail marketing holds a lot of relevance. The mail marketing ideas may be costly, unlike other techniques of marketing.

But the targeted audience receives the help they need. The entire set of businesses using this mail dealing stands out. Therefore boost your website marketing by hiring Incrementors.

The user engagement and experience both are given importance in physical terms. Use these mail marketing ideas and set your business on fire for excellence. Sales lead conversion rates are never to the dropdown.


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