Top 11 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

It takes strategy; gathering client feedback is neither simple nor complicated. On Instagram, where you can easily obtain client evaluations, gathering customer feedback has never been easier.

Reviews and opinions left by customers after utilizing your items are known as customer feedback. Giving customers a specific forum to share their experiences is crucial because most customers like to talk about their experiences.

Customer feedback management is a fully developed idea in marketing since it is crucial (CFM). Organizations are hiring employees to create teams that can analyze customer feedback as CFM has grown in importance.

Customer feedback is crucial to the business since it gives opinions and helps the company see where it can make improvements.

Surveying and polling are methods used to gather client feedback. Customers may provide active or passive feedback. Surveys and emails are examples of active consumer feedback, whereas comments and complaints are examples of passive customer feedback.

Gathering customer input, assessing it, and acting on it are the three processes in customer feedback management. To analyze client input and identify gaps, certain teams can create graphs and tables. Here is where the process of finding improvement and a solution begins.

Why Is Client Feedback needed?

Customer feedback is crucial because it identifies ways to enhance the quality and level of service. It enhances quality, texture, design, customer service, and communication.

It increases fidelity and confidence on both sides. After making improvements, the service provider increases its reputation for quality and trust. Similarly to this, a consumer develops into a devoted one who can benefit your company.

Getting Instagram customer feedback

Do you understand why Instagram has grown so popular? because of its unique characteristics. It offers so many elements that complete it.

Because of this, companies are using Instagram instead of other social media platforms. To establish their brand identity on Instagram, people work day and night. Companies spend money to purchase Instagram followers. They want to expand both qualitatively and quantitatively.

However, if you use Instagram properly, you can accomplish this activity with ease.

On Instagram, gathering consumer feedback is incredibly simple thanks to several incredible features that don’t even feel like work.

Instagram makes it easy and convenient to gather customer feedback. You only know to make use of each function that Instagram has added.

Here are a few efficient methods for collecting customer Feeback on Instagram:

  1. Filling out the Contact Tools with Email:

You must change your profile from personal to professional in order to use this function. Having a professional account has many advantages. To receive customer feedback, enter your email address in the contact toolbar.

Customers can email you their feedback this way without feeling rushed. Email correspondence is more professional and effective for establishing a solid rapport with customers when responding to feedback.

  1. Keep checking your inbox

The inbox on Instagram is distinct from those on other social media sites. A professional account contains three distinct sections for messaging.

  • Requests 
  • Primary  
  • General 

These three different inbox types are offered by Instagram. Any communication can be moved to any of the boxes, and you will always have complete control over them. You receive a notification saying something like “Eliza Murphy wants to send you a message” when a stranger sends you a message on Instagram. If you comply with the request after you open the message, it changes to the general section. 

The “request” box receives all new messages from accounts that you have not previously engaged with.

Well, all of the messages to which you have responded are lying in a generic box.

Messages from other professional accounts or those that you actively move to the primary section are found in the “primary” box.

You must monitor each of these areas and reply to each direct message (DM) very away if you want to get customer feedback.

  1. Organizing Q&A sessions

Businesses and brands are aware of marketing strategies and work to maximize their growth by utilizing all available resources. People try to Increase Instagram followers and like to boost their interaction rate and move up to the explore page.

Put a “Ask me a question” sticker on your Story to host a Q&A session to obtain customer feedback. Yes, Instagram offers some seriously awesome features.

You can include that in your Story before posting the query and the pertinent response.

Before including the question in the story, you might change it from “ask me a question” to “how did you enjoy our perfume ABC?”

  1. Creating a Survey:

This is yet another fantastic Instagram feature that enables voting. People can respond to questions by posting a Yes or No response. When asked “when should I come to live?” you can alter these Yes or No responses to any additional edits, such as 10 PM or 11 PM.

You can gather feedback and opinions from individuals in this method. Instagram displays the results of these polls as a percentage, i.e., what proportion of respondents select “yes” and “no.”

One of the finest methods to get comments on Instagram is through this. Through this poll, you can request reviews or feedback on your products from your customers.

  1. Watch for Brand Mentions:

If your brand is mentioned on another profile, you will be notified. To collect client feedback, these brand mentions are crucial.

Customers may occasionally submit comments or reviews about your goods online and link to your website. By mentioning your brand, you can always see what has been posted and obtain feedback.

  1. Using Comments

It has two advantages. By requesting feedback in the comments, you may improve engagement and feedback generation.

By publishing a story or feed article on a product, you can solicit feedback from your customers.

  1. Actual Sessions:

Holding an IG Live session to gather client feedback is a daring move. You can host a live session just for this, inviting your clients to take part and offer comments.

In order for folks to watch this live session later, you can also save it to your IGTV. You can upload this to IGTV and solicit comments from other users there.

  1. Organizing a quiz:

Another very efficient method of gathering client feedback on Instagram is through running quizzes. With this Instagram Story tool, you may add quiz stickers to your Story and receive feedback.

You can ask about a certain product and add four possibilities, and it is a lot of fun. You can afterward verify the percentage that was given to each response.

  1. Slide posting:

This functionality can also be used to gather consumer feedback. Slides are used to determine the most frequent response. People will move the pointer or slider to a specific location, and Instagram will assess what the majority of users think.

  1. Feed Posting and Feedback Requests:

You can write a feed post asking for comments from your consumers directly. Mention how the input will help them and raise the standard as well.

  1. Insights from IG

You can visit IG Insights if you manage a professional profile to learn which product receives the most saves, views, reach, and engagement. Alternatively, you can use the Instagram DP viewer to know all these things even for a Private Profile. 

You are expressly informed of the number of interactions, number of visits to profiles, engagement rate, and reach.


The approaches stated above should be used to gather customer feedback on your service, merchandise, and content. They are practical to utilize. Without implementing any technological or formal prerequisites, one can use them without difficulty.


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