9 Best Chromebook Apps (2022)

Best Chromebook Apps

Chromebooks have a well-deserved reputation for being low-cost, lightweight machines focusing on security and simplicity. This makes them popular with those on a budget, even though the applications and extensions make Chrome OS truly useful. 

The most excellent Chromebook apps expand the capabilities of the operating system.

We don’t include any Android applications in this list; instead, we’ve chosen apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Websites such as TechiePlus also provide information on the latest apps. However, you should be aware that Google will ultimately stop supporting web apps in Chrome OS, forcing you to look for Android-based alternatives.

The best Chromebook applications are listed below.

  1. VLC 
  2. Evernote Web
  3. Microsoft Office is an application that allows you to create documents
  4. Photo Editor – Polarr
  5. Cloud9
  6. Pocket
  7. Enjoy Music Player
  8. Lucid chart Diagrams
  9. Postman

There more. Let’s begin with the first app:

1. VLC

It’s a famous media player, but didn’t you know there’s a Chromebook version? The free media player covers various media formats, like Video files, FLAC, MOV, and AVI, and has multi-track sound, captions, auto-rotation, VR video support, etc.

2. Evernote Web

When it comes to the second software, Evernote Web, is a powerful note-taking and content-saving tool. Given the fact that you know how to use it effectively. The program enables you to store and share notes, create shortlists, bookmark webpages or attach related photos, and categorize and search your work, so you don’t lose track of what you’re working on. 

Evernote also has good synchronizing capabilities, so you can save information on one device and access it on another. If users do not even need a dedicated memo, we suggest the Evernote Website Clipper, allowing users to store page data later.

3. Microsoft Office

The third is Microsoft Office, an extension of Office that delivers an online version of the core suite — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more — in a more straightforward, web-based style. All of your files will stay in the Office format, and you’ll have access to all of the standard features you’ve come to expect.

 It should not take up any room on your laptop, which is excellent for Chromebook users limited on storage. This helpful add-on makes using the suite easier and more natural, making it great for students or professionals who need to manage or create Windows-compatible files while not on a Windows PC.

4. Polar Photo Editor

The fourth app is the polar photo editor. You’ll need a lightweight, competent photo-editing app if you edit images regularly, and Polarr is willing to assist. This powerful editor offers fundamental features like face identification and skin-tone tweaking. 

It also accepts RAW export formats (but you shouldn’t save a RAW file to your Chromebook). The list continues, and most Polarr upgrades include new features, so look at the editor to see if it contains what you’re searching for.

5. Cloud9

 The fifth application is designed primarily for programmers who might feel like they will not have a lot of excellent tools on their Chromebook to create something substantial. Cloud9 offers a cloud-based code editor and Ubuntu workspace, enabling you to get things done using compatibility for more than 40 programming languages and most of Ubuntu’s flexibility.

6. Pocket

Pocket is the sixth application, and let me describe what it is. Chromebooks are internet-reliant computers, which offers a unique challenge: you won’t always seem to have a stable internet connection when you need them. 

Fortunately, Pocket solves this problem by allowing you to store articles, movies, webpages, and other types of information in a location where you can access them later, even if you’re not connected to the internet.

7. Enjoy Music Player

The following application is Enjoy Music Player. There are a lot of music players in the Chrome Web Store, but Enjoy sticks out as the finest, especially when it comes to storing and playing music on a hard disk drive and even in the cloud. 

Enjoy lets you save music to your PC or Google Drive and play it whenever you want. The software’s basic UI features a range of classification choices, too, as well as equalization and micro mode. It’s unusual to come across a player that understands the Google aesthetic and, in particular, Chromebook usage.

8. Lucid chart Diagrams

Lucidchart Diagrams is a visualization program that allows you to build diagrams and control charts for almost any purpose. Lucidchart is ready to assist you with a complex process, and it’s simple to connect to Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Slack, Atlassian, and many other work-related apps. Because of this compatibility, you may share your charts with colleagues or workers as you work on them, allowing for collaborative editing as needed. It also comes with Visio import as a bonus for anyone switching from earlier diagram applications.

9 Postman

Cloud9 is already listed as a coding tool, while Postman is a new type of developer software. It’s essentially a whole API development suite geared for individuals wishing to start from scratch with an application. It helps with development and automated testing, mock servers, extensive performance metrics, and anything else you’ll need to make absolutely sure your app is ready to launch.


In this article, you will get all the information you need on Chromebook pro apps. I hope you find this helpful and use one of these in the future.


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