15 Best AI-Powered Chatbot Apps

Best AI-Powered Chatbot Apps

Are you looking to learn about the most advanced and creative chatbots?

Then look no more. This article will shed light on all that you need to know about AI Chatbot applications and present you with a list of the top chatbots in the market.

The technology of using chatbots in marketing and establishing chatbot development companies has evolved during the last few years. And it is going to progress further in the forthcoming future. The market value for AI-powered chatbot applications in 2018 stood at $92 billion.  And this value is predicted to surpass over 100 billion dollars by the year 2026.

But despite all the development, the ultimate objective or goal remains unchanged- to create a fast, innovative, and yet user-friendly customer support service for the advancement of the business.

Here, you can read about the most advanced chatbot ideas that have proven to assist businesses in launching fruitful discussions and producing sales. It might also help you get started on the path to becoming a great Chat Marketing company as well.

Chatbot Apps Categories

There are seven basic identified categories of AI-powered chatbot apps:

  • Fashion and clothing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Travel and transport
  • Finance

Based on our research, the following listed are the best AI chatbot software applications. You can sort these software into the mentioned categories as well.


 H&M: The fashion curator bot

H&M is one of the most popular and widely used fashion brands in the world. It was surprising when they decided to invest the resources to launch a chatbot.

H&M decided to launch their chatbot on Kik Messenger. H&M made this change to offer their customers a more personal and efficient service while you shop with them.

This extremely friendly chatbot first asks you some questions to understand your fashion style. Then after analysis, it suggests outfits that might suit your style. It is like a personal stylist.

Mona: the personal shopper bot

Mona is a shopping chatbot that acts as your assistant and serves all your fashion needs.

This conversation bot attends to all your specific fashion needs, like finding a particular type of dress or notifying you when your favorite designer goes on sale.

Mona helps you to surpass all the general hassles of any regular e-commerce website.


Lark: Your Ultimate Guide to Health

If you ask, what is the best chatbot for resolving health issues and taking care of your wellness? Then look no further for the answer. Lark was named “the best AI of 2016” and listed among the “top 10 most innovative companies worldwide”.

This health and fitness AI chatbot provides solutions to control different diseases or illnesses. It also offers distinct fitness programs that can help you prevent the onset of any predicted illness.

You can also opt for different lifestyle and health or wellness coaches that offer direct support and guidance to lead a healthier life. Lark often sends fitness gadgets such as Fitbit, diabetes meters, etc., to their customers depending on the type of program you have signed up for yourself.

HealthTap: the AI doctor

This chatbot application is created to help everyone assess their health condition more quickly and efficiently. You can use HealthTap for personal use as well as in the workplace.

All you need to do is type your symptoms, and it will then process your data and provide you with personalized answers and guidelines to take care of your condition.

If you have more queries about your issue, you can also directly contact a doctor specializing in the matter on a video call from the Healthtap website.

HelloJoy: a chatbot that helps to have a happy and healthy mind

According to a survey, more than 66% of people suffering from mental health issues do not receive the needed help.

HelloJoy was previously launched on Facebook Messenger. It does not work as a regular therapist, but it tries to provide the initial support that someone might need.

HelloJoy is a very secure and free app. It helps track your sleep cycle, mood, and workout data to provide you with the best possible care.


The essential purpose of inventing any application or software is to make your life easier and simpler. Chatbots help to make use of your time and resources more efficiently to promote better productivity.

X.AI: chatbot for tracking your appointments

It is the smartest chatbot created for scheduling your meetings and arranging your appointments.

X.AI offers two virtual assistants who can assist in going over your selected official emails and scheduling meeting times, locations, etc.

You can avail of the service of the x.ai application for just $8 per month.

Andy: The AI chatbot English teacher

If you are not a native English speaker, then this chatbot can be your ideal assistant to learn English.

You can directly chat with this AI text bot. It points out your mistakes and corrects your grammar to help you improve your English.

You can also study grammar with the lessons provided on this app. You can also learn English along with having fun by playing simple language games with Andy.

You can download Andy from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Swelly: Your personal internet polling chatbot

Swelly can be a helpful chatbot if you are concerned about improving your community reach.

You can share your opinion or post photographs on Swelly and ask people’s opinions about them. The response on this chatbot is swift and helpful.

Prisma: The photo editing chatbot

Prisma was the most highlighted AI-powered chatbot of 2016. People downloaded it more than 15 million times.

 Prisma launched its AI chatbot just within a month after the launch of the original app. The Prisma AI provides the same features as the app along with the benefit of a conversational bot.

You can use the Prisma chatbot assistant on the messenger app, Telegram.


Mitsuku: a goal-oriented chatbot

Mitsuku is one of the most realistic chatbots ever created to entertain its users. It is even often referred to as the most human-like AI-powered chatbot application.

 It can perform multiple tasks, including chatting with you and your friends online, playing music, telling you new facts about particular dates, etc.

You can use Mitsuku on your phone’s messenger, telegram messenger, and Kik messenger app.

Casper: the friendly AI you chat with when you can’t sleep

Casper is like a friend that you can talk to when you can’t sleep. 

According to this AI, app chatting with someone can be a better sleep therapy than counting stars or browsing on your phone for hours.

Casper is only designed to help you during your sleep time. Hence, you can use it only between 11:00 p.m. to 5 a.m.


Hello Hipmunk: the most intelligent chatbot tour guide

When a traveler plans a trip, he or she searches for several different things before finally making the required choices. This process can be a hassle and tiresome to some people.

Hipmunk allows you to solve all your queries by having a simple chat conversation. If you simply express your will to travel to the place you want to visit, it will provide you with all the needed information like the itinerary, the available hotels and rooms, the travel costs, etc. Hipmunk makes traveling so easy and pleasant.

Expedia: Your Hotel Finding Guide

Expedia is considered one of the most advanced chatbots that has transitioned beautifully with the development of technology. This chatbot is compatible with some of the trending virtual assistants and other search plugins that have become part of today’s trends.

Expedia connects to you through your direct phone messenger. You can share your travel details, and it will provide you with a list of available hotels and B&Bs as per your requirements.


Digit: The AI Savings Bank chatbot

Digit is a financial management chatbot that helps you save small amounts of money daily to attain bigger savings goals eventually.

With Digit, saving for a big vacation, a new gadget, or investments has become much more accessible. Digit only takes a small amount into the savings, so it does not negatively affect your financial condition, and you can easily keep track of it.

Donotpay: The AI legal assistant chatbot

This AI-powered legal chatbot created by a student is one of the most valuable chatbots ever created.

This symbol conversation AI application helps people file cases without hiring or getting the assistance of a lawyer.

It has a very user-friendly interface.  You can simply chat with the bot to explain your situation. It provides you with the required documents, and then you would need to take it to court to file a case against the one you want to sue.

Chatbots are the Future! 

The use of AI-powered chatbot applications and systems is growing like wildfire. It has taken its course due to the eagerness of technical experts to incorporate processes in most corporations and businesses to transform the dynamics of customer service.

The influence of AI chatbots on today’s world is easily noticeable. Even popular social media applications such as Facebook Messenger are adding AI chatbots to increase the engagement of its users. Are you planning to invest in chatbots and upgrade your company’s service? Then waste no more time cause now is the best time to do so.


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