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Numerous companies around this world have espoused colorful strategies to give credibility to their product and to increase their marketing. These strategies include emotional manipulation, fear, the perfect family shown in announcements, cool and fascinating factor, fascinating toys, excitement, taglines, celebrity power, music or jingles, snooper strings, scale, etc. that are used by the companies to attract people or consumers by any means for eg. Publish Media, Digital Media, Social Media Marketing, Trade Shows, etc. To learn more, visit Cannibals Media. There are numerous big, transnational brands and companies that come successful by using these strategies and some of them are:


 Apple Inc. is an American technology company. It is a multinational company for software, mobile phones, laptops, etc. It was innovated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronal Wayne on 1st April 1976. It has the slogan ” Get a Mac” which increases the effectiveness and interest in its advertising strategy. It helps in promoting its products through commercials and print media advertisements. Whenever a new product is launched, a marketable announcement runs the creation of the product to increase the marketing rate of the product.

Pond’s BB

POND’S is an American brand of beauty and healthcare products. It was constructed in 1846 by Theron T. Pond under the name “Golden Treasure”. Substantially, Mass Market is targeted by the products that Pond’s offers. It has a vast variety of creams for men, women, and babies and has a wide range of products like anti-aging creams, moisturizers, etc. Their advertising strategy includes Gender appeal as they have a wide range of products for males and ladies both. In the skincare percentile, ponds stand in 3rd position with 11% of the request share. It targets the consumer by flashing through TV and review. Also, a celebrity acts as a promoter i.e. The brand minister of this product is Disha Patni.


Yakult was introduced in 2004 and is a Japanese company. The product is to promote good health and helps in precluding conditions by using probiotics. It’s a Probiotic Health Drink. The main focus of Yakult for its marketing are housewives as they have the knowledge about health and benefits of a healthy life and they tend to prompt the family members also for its consumption. Yakult has used media for its announcement related to health and a healthy lifestyle. It has also used sampling criteria for the misconceptions consumers have about its taste in numerous supermarkets. It’s advertising in journals and magazines also that’s of educational coffers. posters are also used on Vehicles etc. It has increased its Trade in the Share request by having a Trade creation.


CANTABIL Retail India Ltd. is a brand designing, manufacturing, branding, and selling apparel and garments. CANTABIL had a strategy of having an 80% flat-off. It has made its debut in the e-commerce business and promotes online and digital marketing. But latterly it changed its business strategy turning it into no deep reduction.

Hot Wheels

It’s an American brand of the kit of racing cars introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It’s the world’s largest company making cars but not real cars, they make toy cars. Hot Wheels has its own YouTube Channel for advertising and has 3.45 Million Subscribers. The channel was launched in 2005 December. The online videos made understand about the brand of digital marketing.

Yardley London

It’s a British perfume, famous worldwide for its cosmetics, scent, etc. It was introduced in 1770 by Samuel Cleaver and William Yardley. It has its own website for consumers to fluently buy the products. It has used the strategy where a celebrity acts as a promoter or product pusher which influences its consumers and also the people watching the announcement. The brand ambassador of Yardley London is Katrina Kaif. The product also organizes campaigns for announcement and social media marketing through Instagram, Facebook, and numerous further social platforms.


Domino’s is a worldwide Pizza brand. It has numerous networks of stores of its own. It was first introduced in 1960 in the U.S and was first launched in 1996, in New Delhi in India. It continuously advertises its offers and forthcoming new pizza menu with discounts on social media. It has further than 234k followers on Instagram, approx-7.1 a million likes on Facebook, and more than 62.2 k Subscribers on YouTube. It has its email and SMS strategy, where special offers and new pizzas are sent via email and SMS on people’s phones. It has grown through e-marketing through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Banners, bills, and T.V advertisements play a major part in the advertising strategy of Dominoes.


Adidas is a German Company innovated by Adolf Dassler on 18 Aug. 1949. It’s a transnational company that designs and manufacturers shoes and apparel and is the largest manufacturer of sports shoes. This company has added digitalization to its announcement for marketing. They converse socially and through retail with their customers and use different outlets. They use strong marketing juggernauts. It has its own-commerce channel leading with huge success. Adidas touches every single source like mobile, retail, etc. to discourse with the consumer.

Hence, Social Media, Print Media plays a veritably important part in Advertising products of colorful companies by espousing the way of connecting and interacting with a large number of followership for the distribution of the product.


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