SEO Software Moz Acquired By iContact Corporation

Moz acquired by iContact
Moz acquired by iContact

Who Acquired Moz

The popular SEO software Moz has been acquired by an email marketing company IContact Corporation, a subsidiary of Cision, J2 Global. In the acquisition announcement video presented by Sarah (the CEO of Moz) and, Michael Pepe (the president of iContact Marketing Corp) Michael said that their tool has delivered over 68 billion emails last year.

Who founded Moz?

In 2004 the SEO Moz (old name of Moz) is founded by Gillian Muessig and his son Rand Fishkin, headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. In back then they ranked Seattle’s top startups and renowned for their corporate transparency. But the journey is not the same. In 2013 Moz loss $5.7 Million.

By stats Moz have over 40.7 trillion links, over 1.2 million websites tracked, and more than 500 million keyword suggestions that help businesses throughout the world.  

Moz’s brand will remain intact under its new owner. iContact and Moz will continuous to serve small and mid-size businesses in growing business. The company works in tandem with its sibling brands Campaigner, SMTP, and Kickbox, all owned by J2 Global, a publicly traded company that reported Q1 revenue of $398 million, up 20% year-over-year.


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