Unlock SEO With Ahrefs Webmaster Tools [FREE]

If you are struggling to rank your website on Google then you will be glad to know that Ahrefs.com (SaaS company that provides SEO toolset) launched Ahrefs Webmaster Tools which is 100% free. You can explore all the essential SEO data for free!

What is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools also known as AWT.
It is a free set of industry-standard SEO tools that are designed to provide technical, on-page, and Off-page SEO data of your website. You can use this data to optimize your website for search engines like Google and Bing.

Why AWT is Important For Every Website Owner and SEO Agencies?

It is very important because it allows SEO Agencies to create an actionable SEO strategy based on SEO driven data that can be implemented to make a website search engine friendly.

To unlock actionable SEO reports and access free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools you need to claim website ownership. After the verification, you can easily access and monitor the SEO data of your site.

You can use the following manual verification methods to claim ownership:
  • Google Search Console
  • DNS record
  • HTML file
  • HTML tag

How To Claim The Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

ahrefs webmaster tools signup
  • After creating your account you will see add your project option.
  • Select add project.
add project to ahrefs webmaster

There are two options that are available to import website data for your project.

  1. You can import data from GSC (Google Search Console)
  2. You can also select the second option where you have to manually set up website ownership.
setup Google Search Console on ahrefs webmaster
  • Import from Google Search Console is very easy as compared to the manual process.
  • After selecting import you will show a popup where you have to choose a Gmail account.
  • Make sure you will choose the account which is associated with google search console.
choose Gmail account to set ahrefs webmaster tool
  • After selecting the appropriate Gmail account you need to allow ahrefs to view your google analytics data.
grant permission to ahrefs
  • You also need to give permission to view search console data of verified sites that are associated with the account you are signup.
grant permission to ahrefs to view data of verified sites
  • Click on allow and confirm you permissions.
confirm allowing access and permissions
  • Now you will able to see all properties (websites) that you have verified with your provided Gmail address.
  • Select a website and click on import.
select website to import project data
  • Ahrefs will instantly start the crawling process after it.
website audit example using free ahrefs webmaster tool
  • You can see the progress in dashboard of your ahrefs account.
free full site technical audit
  • You can also change the site audit setting to reduce stress on your website server.
site audit setting and crawl settings
  • Ahrefs crawler will quickly crawl your website as you can see our website searchenginecage.com is fully crawled.
  • You can see the important data such as health score, domain rating, referring domains, backlinks, organic traffic organic keywords, etc.
website data after the audit in ahrefs dashboard
  • When your website fully crawled you can see all data to fix technical issues.
overview of technical site audit in ahrefs webmaster tool
  • Ahrefs shows top issues that are more critical then other issues.
top issues based on high to low priority
  • You can also export all data you need via bulk export options.
bulk data export options in ahrefs webmaster tool

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools vs Google Search Console: what is better to measure SEO issues?

AWT (Ahrefs Webmaster Tools) is designed to provide more actionable reports and monitor in-depth data for SEO analysis that is not available in GSC (Google Search Console).

Try it and take one step ahead towards technically sound websites.

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